Weekly Update - 6.16.24

Good evening, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

Happy Father's Day. I especially want to wish my father, Stan, a great day and thank him for all the love, support, and lessons he provided me throughout my life. 

My wife, Shelley, and I feel incredibly blessed to be so close to our three children. We are so proud of each of them and love them very much. Being their father is the best gift I have ever received. I wish all the dads across the 9th Congressional District a Happy Father’s Day. 

On Friday, I was happy to join members of the Berks County GOP and Berks County Patriots to celebrate President Trump's Birthday at the Berks CountyTrump Force 47- Latino Headquarters. I was joined by David Winkler, who is running in the 4th Congressional District and will be a great Congressman. Thank you to RNC PA Regional Director Josie Hill, as well as Sam and Linda Brancadora from the Berks County Patriots, for your help with putting the great event together, all great American patriots! Trump will win Latino Americans’ vote in Pennsylvania. Latino Americans for Trump! The New York Post covered the event. Click here to read more.


A day before, my colleagues and I welcomed President Donald J. Trump back to Capitol Hill. We discussed the policy agenda House Republicans will pursue with unified GOP leadership next year. We will secure the border, rein in spending to address inflation, restore American energy dominance, curb rising crime, and protect our national security. Our agenda will promote prosperity and benefit all Americans. With President Trump in the White House, America will reestablish itself on the world stage and we will once again have peace through strength. I joined “American Agenda” on Newsmax to discuss the President’s visit and our agenda. Click here or below to watch.

The White House is laser-focused on growing the size of the federal government, increasing spending, implementing burdensome regulations, and crushing American energy. None of this is helpful to the supply side of our economy and harms Main Street. Impediments to growth such as these hurt small businesses and middle—and low-income families. Credit debt is at record levels, and savings continue to decline. I joined “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business to discuss this. Click here or below to watch.

The House passed a resolution calling for the immediate release of Ryan Corbett. Ryan grew up in Susquehanna County and has been wrongfully detained by the Taliban for the past 672 days. This resolution sends a clear message to the State Department and the Taliban that the United States Congress takes this issue very seriously.

My office will continue to work with the United States and Qatari governments, Anna Corbett and the Corbett family, to secure Ryan's safe return home. Click here to hear my remarks on the floor of the U.S. House.

The Hill published my most recent op-ed regarding the Biden Administration’s ill-conceived EV mandate. In a recent ruling, the EPA finalized a mandate on cars requiring that at least 56 percent of passenger vehicles must be electric within less than eight years, regardless of whether Americans want or can even afford them. Despite the sales of electric cars reaching just 6.9% of the new vehicle market share last year, Biden thinks it is achievable to force half of the vehicles sold nationwide to be electric by 2032. With EVs costing upwards of $40,000 to $50,000 and the median household income in the U.S. being $74,580, many hardworking families cannot afford such an aggressive and costly mandate. Click here or below to read my op-ed.

Under the Biden Administration, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) burdens businesses nationwide with excessive regulations and big government overreach. I continue to advocate and fight for American consumers and the businesses that serve them by questioning CFPB Director Chopra on the excessive regulatory practices driving up prices for Americans. Click here or below to watch my comments in a recent hearing.

As Director Jon McKernan said, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation needs a fresh start; it is what the staff, agency, and American people deserve. We need action, not bureaucratic delays. The Biden Administration is putting policy goals over people, and changes must now be made to hold everyone involved accountable. I addressed this issue in a hearing this week as well. Click here or below to watch.


IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: We have entered the most prolonged period of high inflation since the late 1980s.

Year-over-year inflation clocked in at 3.3% in May — still well above the Fed’s target rate.

Americans hoping for relief from sky-high prices under Crooked Joe Biden will be sorely disappointed.

Overall, prices have increased 20.1% since Biden took office, with gas prices up 55.3%airfare up nearly 40%electricity up 29%rent up 21.2%, and grocery prices up 21.2%. The monthly mortgage payment on a median-priced home has increased a staggering 119.5% under Biden.

The actual Consumer Price Index has reached a new “ALL-TIME HIGH” (again), underscoring the devastating effects of the cumulative price hikes during the Biden administration.

Americans cannot keep up. Under Biden, real average weekly earnings have DECLINED by 3.9%, and average hourly earnings are down 2.2%. That starkly contrasts President Trump’s tenure, which saw Americans’ average weekly earnings increase by 8.2%.

REMINDER: The incompetent Biden administration promised inflation would be “transitory” — but they were lying. As a result, six in ten Americans say they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck and average inflation under Biden is more than DOUBLE what it was under any of the last four presidents.

Unfortunately, this is Bidenomics, and it is an abject failure.

Earlier this week, I welcomed members from Pennsylvania’s chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) to discuss the various challenges small business owners are facing. We discussed making the 20% Small Business Deduction permanent, which would provide small businesses with the tax predictability necessary to continue investing in their employees and businesses. We also discussed the onslaught of regulations from the Biden administration burdening small businesses in Pennsylvania and across America. The NFIB is a crucial advocate for small and independent businesses nationwide, working tirelessly to promote and protect the rights of its members to own, operate, and grow their businesses.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Swiss Banking—Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung Delegation (SBD) members to discuss how the U.S. and Switzerland can best work together to benefit our economies. We discussed American competitiveness, sanctions against Russia and China, and how to ensure economic stability.

I had the pleasure of meeting with members of the Foundation For India And Indian Diaspora Studies FIIDS. We discussed the critical importance of the US-India relationship and explored ways to strengthen our partnership through trade, technology, and security.

I was happy to meet with the Pennsylvania Builders Association this afternoon to discuss the burdens facing the homebuilding industry due to excessive federal overreach. In addition to a skilled labor shortage, soaring costs of electrical distribution transformers are delaying housing projects across the nation. I will continue to fight against the Biden Administration’s aggressive overreach and regulations, which are further worsening the housing affordability crisis by raising the cost of new homes and limiting access to mortgage financing.

Friday was Flag Day, and we celebrated the 247th anniversary of Old Glory. It is a testament to our enduring fight for freedom and honors those, past and present, who have bravely defended our great nation.

Friday also marked the 249th birthday of the U.S. Army! Since 1775, the men and women of the United States Army have bravely defended our nation. We thank everyone who has served within its ranks for their great sacrifices and unwavering dedication to our country.
Want to get involved in the campaign to put President Donald J. Trump back in the White House? Please join me. Go to TrumpForce47.com and register to be a captain.

The Trump Campaign and the RNC have launched an Election Integrity Program, and we need your help. Secure elections are the cornerstone of American democracy, and your help is critical to ensuring a fair and honest election.

Republican Poll Watchers and Workers are needed in Pennsylvania for Election Integrity Operations during the 2024 election season.

Poll Watchers observe and report potential issues that may arise at polling locations and ballot tabulation centers. Poll Workers play an official role in administering the election at the precinct level.

Now is your chance to help America vote with confidence and contribute to election integrity. Training will be provided.

Sign Up Today to Join the Pennsylvania Election Integrity Team! Click hereor below to sign up today.

Lastly, President Trump will be in North Philly next Saturday, June 22. Doors open at 3 p.m., and the President is expected to speak around 7 p.m. If you'd like to attend, you can register for tickets here or below.

We are excited to catch up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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