Bidenomics = Higher Prices

Americans can't afford four more years of Bidenomics.


  • Under Joe Biden, the average American family is paying $1,000 a month more in living expenses. Prices have increased by 20%.


  • Real wages and benefits have fallen 4.4% since President Biden took office.


  • The costs associated with buying a home have doubled. Mortgage rates reached a 23 year high of 7.8% in October. 2023. The monthly mortgage payment for a median priced new home has increased by $1,180 and is 104% higher than when President Biden took office in January 2021. The threshold to afford to buy a home rose 80% to $106,500 while Joe Biden has been President. This far exceeds the median household income of $81,000.


  • 65% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Americans are taking on a record level of credit card debt just to get by, with more than one trillion in debt.


  • Credit card interest rates are at the highest level in more than three decades, while consumer credit debt has exceeded $1 trillion for the second calendar quarter and the number of Americans struggling to pay credit card bills has increased to the highest level in 12 years.


American families need President Trump back in the White House to restore our economic promise for the future. 


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