Dan Meuser is Pro-Life.

He and his wife Shelley are the proud parents of three children, attend church regularly and respect the sanctity of life. Dan has personally funded chartered buses to take people from our area to the annual March for Life Rally in Washington, D.C.

Dan believes…

Innocent Human Life Must Be Legally Protected:

Innocent human life should be protected at every stage of development. He supports restoring legal protection for human life and opposes any effort to increase or expand the protections for abortion, euthanasia and human cloning and supports a ban of human embryonic stem-cell research.

Federal Funding For Abortion Must Be Prohibited & Federal Health Coverage Including Abortion Must Be Banned:

The Hyde Amendment should be codified to permanently prohibit federal funds from being used to pay for abortion or abortion coverage, barring federal medical facilities and health professionals from providing abortion services, and prohibiting any federal subsidies or tax credits under Obamacare and/or other health care legislation to cover abortions. Exceptions include horrific crimes against the humanity of a woman: rape and incest, or situations a physician certifies a life-endangering maternal condition.

14th Amendment Protections Must Include The Preborn:

Equal protection must be granted to each born and preborn human person via the United States Constitution under the 14th Amendment.

Education and Outreach Must Be Supported and Strengthened:

The right-to-life movement should continue to reach out in support of women in need, before and after childbirth, with education and emotional support. We must promote strong education and legislate serious protections for patients to ensure they never fall victim to healthcare rationing.


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