Put America First, Re-elect Congressman Meuser

Building a strong economy for the American middle-class:

Trump and Meuser have implemented policies that propelled America’s economy into record growth and support a permanent tax reduction for hardworking American families.

They are working to safely reopen our businesses and schools in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. President Trump has built a great economy before and will do it again.

Biden, Harris and Pelosi have been in power for decades and did nothing to fix broken trade deals that hurt American workers.

Energy Independence:

Trump and Meuser fully support our energy sector and understand the importance of preserving those jobs.

Biden, Harris and Pelosi support a fracking ban, which would result in the destruction of tens of thousands of Pennsylvanian jobs.

Strong Borders:

Trump and Meuser will continue to fight for Americans by enforcing immigration laws and funding efforts to build the wall.

Biden, Harris and Pelosi support amnesty and free healthcare for illegal immigrants, open borders, and sanctuary cities.

Access to Quality and Affordable Healthcare:

Trump and Meuser support reforms to make our healthcare more affordable and accessible, while ensuring coverage is maintained for those with preexisting conditions and protecting programs like Social Security and Medicare. They will continue efforts to reduce the costs of prescription drugs.

Biden, Harris and Pelosi support government-run, taxpayer-funded healthcare, which will raise the cost and lower the quality of healthcare.

Supporting our Police and Military:

Trump and Meuser support our military, police, law and order, and denounce the unlawful, violent destruction of our communities.

Biden, Harris and Pelosi have criticized our police and shown support for the violent, unlawful destruction and occupation of our cities.