Protect the American People, Peace Through Strength

Invest in a Strong Military

  • With the threats posed to our national security by North Korea, Iran regime and radical Islamic terrorists, we must invest in a strong military is a top priority for Dan and he subscribes to the philosophy that the best foreign policy is to “speak softly, and carry a big stick.” The Obama Administration’s actions decimated our armed forces by cutting nearly $200 billion in defense funding. Dan supports President Trump’s America First plan to add $54 billion increase in national defense funding immediately.
  • Dan believes that we must not only be ready to protect our country for the threats of today, but prepare for the dangers we will face tomorrow and in the future and that takes resources and a strong commitment to protecting our nation.


Defeat Terrorists

  • Dan believes that we must defeat terrorism and win the War against radical Islamic extremism.
  • Dan strongly backs a ban on countries that the State Department has identified as bad actors, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Chad, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. We cannot allow individuals to enter our country without knowing enough about their identity and background and the need to improve our immigration vetting processes, end visa overstays and examine the issues of chain migration. We can no longer stand by and allow individuals we know little about from countries hell-bent on destroying America enter our country.


Protect America 

  • Dan fully supports immigration reform efforts that start with building a wall and using the latest technologies to secure our southern border, airports, ports and all points of entry. We must stop the flow of illegal immigrants, illegal drugs and weapons into our country.
  • We must invest resources in our inner cities to give all our citizens the chance for prosperity and to dissuade people from turning to gang violence in absence of quality education and career opportunities.
  • Human trafficking is on the rise, with several reports of it in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We must do more to educate people to recognize the signs of human trafficking and to ensure those who run such operations are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • We cannot allow criminal illegal immigrants to have safe havens in our own country; we must defund sanctuary cities.
  • Dan will prioritize the threat of cyber-attacks seriously and work to protect our computer networks, systems and classified information.
  • The son of a police officer, Dan knows first-hand the importance of supporting the thin blue line and all first responders who put their lives on the line daily to keep up safe.

Defend Freedom

  • Dan believes we must defend against weapons of mass destruction. The danger from hostile states and non-state actors trying to acquire nuclear, chemical, radio-logicial, and biological weapon is increasing and we must do everything we can to deter them from acquiring these weapons.


Economic Strength 

  • Dan believes the best way to defend our country is to ensure our prosperity. That means we must continue to improve our economy, this includes improve trade deals and working towards energy independence and dominance, so we are always in the position to negotiate from a point of economic strength.
  • Dan supports the President’s stance that we must promote free and fair economic relations that are reciprocal.
  • We must cease to provide strong funding to nation’s that wish to do us harm and/or have supported agendas that are counter to our national security interests. The one-way flow of support must end.



Will you sign?