Dan Meuser believes we need immigration policies that put America First, this includes the welfare of the economy and public safety.  

Secure Our Borders

We must secure our southern border by building a wall and using all available technologies to ensure our national security. This will protect both illegal immigrants from flooding our borders and dangerous products such as drugs from entering our country. We must also ensure we stop the flow of illegal immigrants at ports of entry, inclusive of seaports and airports. We also need to ensure those who enter our country are paying their fair share in taxes, in order to keep our economy secure.

Defund Sanctuary Cities

Those cities ignoring our national immigration laws should not receive taxpayer money; federal funding should immediately cease.

Crack Down on Employers

Employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should face punishment and E-Verify should be used to ensure workers are eligible to work in the United States.

Dan has witnessed firsthand how E-Verify can help identify illegal immigrants and protect employers from hiring workers who provide false identification.

Prior to 1996, many manufacturers fell victim to workers using false identification to gain employment. In 1995, the company Dan worked for, which employed over 250 at that time, unknowingly hired three illegal immigrants who had provided false identification. Once alerted to these employee’s illegal status, each were terminated immediately.  

Congress began to address this issue by passing the E-Verify program in September of 1996 and Dan’s employer began using the program two months later. After joining the E-Verify pilot program, no individuals in this country illegally have been able to secure employment at the company.


President Obama’s executive order on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was unconstitutional. Dan agrees with President Trump that we must follow current immigration laws and procedures and that Congress needs to act.

Protect Americans 

Dan supports President Trump’s travel ban on immigrants from nations who wish to do us harm until which time better vetting systems and measures are in place on the federal level. 



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