"Government for the People" Plan

Keeping the American Dream Alive

Government does not create jobs but must maintain an environment for the private sector to thrive and disposable income of American families to be enhanced, not squeezed. Under eight years of the Obama Administration, the answer to every problem was bigger government, higher taxes and more regulations. Our country must get away from those failed policies.

In Congress, I will support President Donald Trump’s plan for tax reform, regulatory reform, repealing and replacing Obamacare and enacting a comprehensive domestic energy policy. I am committed to policies that will ensure families in the Congressional District are able to keep more of the hard-earned money in their pockets to manage how they see fit. 

Fighting for a Strong Military & National Security

As a member of Congress, I will take an oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same: so help me God.”

I will take this oath seriously. In order to defend our freedoms, we must maintain a strong military which is respected worldwide and is focused on defeating our enemies, including ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists, and all enemies who want to do us harm.

Our veterans put their lives on the line to protect our country and they deserve a Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) system that will not fail them. Veterans should not have to wait for healthcare services; they should be at the front of the line every time for their healthcare needs. I support the Veterans Choice Act that was recently extended by President Trump and allows vets facing lengthy wait times at VA facilities or living over 40 miles from the nearest VA to seek care in the private sector. In Congress, I will fight to continue to expand this program and allow more access to private care for veterans.

We also must have illegal immigration reform that begins with a plan to secure our borders and ensure the enforcement of our laws. Additionally, protecting our streets and communities is equally important. Our police and first responders have difficult jobs and are being counted on for far more than was ever intended, including involvement in solving every societal issue we are facing. We must support our police and I will do everything in my power to ensure they have the support and resources they need. 

Government Accountability Legislation

As a member of Congress, I will pursue and introduce legislation which will begin to Drain the Swamp in our Nation’s Capitol:

Implement Real Regulatory Reform: End the unconstitutional power of the Regulatory Agencies. Federal bureaucracies yield unwarranted powers and too often they circumvent the law. I will introduce legislation which will not only prohibit them to act in this way but will penalize the agency and individuals for any such acts. 

Enact Congressional Term Limits: Once we get the bureaucracies limited by the law, we can enact term limits: 5 terms for members of Congress (10 years), 2 terms for U.S. Senate (12 years). 

Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment: Once we get the regulatory agencies following the law and end career legislative positions, we will have a Congress that will be unfettered in enacting a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Fight the Federal Courts’ Liberal Interpretations of the Constitution: I will offer a plan for more aggressive appeals of clearly unconstitutional decisions made by federal judges.

Support a Permanent Ban on Earmarks: Too often these earmarks have led to corruption and I believe that we should permanently ban them.

Next Generation Planning

We must have a better plan for the next and future generations to have the opportunity to live the American Dream.

We can and must do better. My plan is focused on the following areas:

National Debt: We are handing over $19 trillion dollars and growing national debt to our nation’s young people. This is more than $18 trillion higher than when I was 18 years old. Such debt leaves no funding and eliminates resources for economic downturns and is an existential danger to the United States of America. It must begin to be corrected by ensuring that we are not wasting taxpayer dollars on unnecessary spending and rooting out waste, abuse and fraud. The taxpayers have no tolerance for wasting their money, nor do I. 

School Choice: It is irrational and unfair that we have an educational system which punishes children by trapping them in failing schools all because they are growing up in the wrong zip codes. We must pass school choice and allow parents and students to choose the educational experience that best prepares them for careers.

Costs of Higher Education: The cost of college has gone from $20,000 in 1982 to $180,000 in 2017. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think our young people are getting a 9 times better education. The amount of student debt our nation has is alarming and we need a solution. Government’s role is to do all possible to help provide affordable, quality education and we are failing. We must foster competition through vouchers, choice and technology and by ensuring our students understand that there are post-secondary opportunities outside of traditional four-year schools, like technical trade schools. There are good family sustaining jobs in the trades and a shortage of skilled labor.

Drugs: We have a national emergency caused by the wide-spread abuse and over usage of opioids. The addictive nature of opioids has led many to the use of heroin. We as a society, both public and private organizations, must focus efforts on availability, prescription levels, distribution, treatment, criminal enforcement, detection and rehab. As a member of Congress, this national and local tragic situation will be a priority as will the work to be done to stop the importing of heroin across our borders. I support the President’s plan to address the opioid crisis.

Reform Entitlements So That They Protect Seniors And Work For Future Generations: SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE ARE PROMISES MADE TO SENIORS AND THEY ARE PROMISES THAT WE INTEND TO KEEP – NO CHANGES FOR THOSE AT OR NEAR RETIREMENT AGE. We need to examine how we deal with Social Security and Medicare moving forward so that we have a sustainable system for future generations.

Keep America The Leader In The World’s Economy: Nothing is more important than jobs that sustain families. That’s why I will continue to push for America to be the leader in the global economy and make sure that goods and services made here in America are accessible to the world marketplace. At the same time, I will be a loud voice for enforcing the trade laws that exist and making sure America only enters into trade agreements that are fair and good for the American people. We can be free traders and fair traders, and that is the standard I will have for trade agreements.

This is my plan to ensure we have a country and a government of the people, by the people and for the people that is stronger for future generations.

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