Weekly Update - Happy Easter

Good evening, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

From Shelley and I, we want to wish each of you a Blessed Easter and a Happy Passover. Enjoy this time celebrating with your families and loved ones.


This week, we witnessed a deadly tragedy unfold in Maryland with the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Lives were lost, and an important port has been blocked. A lot of Pennsylvania’s coal is shipped out of that port.

As we sort through the aftermath of this incident, I joined “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business. We need to examine all funding options to rebuild rather than only appropriate new taxpayer funds, as Biden suggested. Every time our nation faces an issue, this Administration’s first and only inclination is: Don’t think, spend!

We also covered violent crime in our cities and my legislation that would hold ideological prosecutors accountable and force them to do their jobs. We also discussed the importance of winning Pennsylvania for President Donald Trump, U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick, our statewide GOP ticket, and Republicans representing us in Washington and Harrisburg. Click here or below to watch my interview.

I joined the “American Agenda” on Newsmax this week to discuss crime. Combatting crime and ensuring public safety must be the top priorities for law enforcement and elected officials. Yet the Biden Administration's ideological liberal social experiment has failed miserably, both at the border and in our cities. Biden’s policies are harming our country, and the American people deserve an immediate course correction. Click here or below to watch my interview.

Check out my interview on the Volpe Report. We discussed Joe Biden’s many self-created crises, government funding, community projects, Israel/Ukraine, and more. Thank you to Chuck Volpe for having me on. It was a great conversation, as always. Click here or below to watch.


  • “Trump expected to attend wake of slain NYPD officer,” NBC News reports.

  • “Biden to bring out the celebrities at a high-dollar fundraiser with Obama, Clinton,” USA TODAY reports.


The split screen between President Trump and Joe Biden couldn’t be more apparent.

President Trump will attend the wake for fallen NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, who was savagely murdered by a career criminal during a routine traffic stop. He’ll pay his respects to an officer who dedicated his life to his friends, family, and community — and he’ll stand in solidarity with law enforcement officers who have been villainized by the feckless politicians of the Democrat-run city. He'll also draw attention to the disastrous policies that allowed a criminal with 21 prior arrests to be on the streets.

Biden, meanwhile, will be in town for a day of ritzy fundraising with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Stephen Colbert — all in a frantic bid to save Biden’s flailing campaign.

President Trump always supports law enforcement and will always defend law and order; his record proves it. Biden can’t even stand up to the “defund the police” activists in his party; his press secretary wouldn’t even say the fallen officer’s name out loud.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the passing of a great American, Senator Joe Lieberman. He and his wife, Hadassah, became friends with Shelley and me. I tend to say, “he was my favorite Democrat,” but he was so much more than that. He was someone I respected for many reasons. He was intelligent, knowledgeable… (always did his homework), and he possessed great courage. Lieberman was not ever afraid. He wasn’t afraid to tell the truth, he wasn’t afraid to back his country, and he wasn’t afraid to speak honestly and candidly about the fortitude of Israel and the significance of the state of Israel. With all that said, he was one of the most courteous, congenial, and significant public officials who could carry on a civil conversation – even if the disagreements were vast on various policy issues. We lost a significant figure who, in my view, was always about uniting, not dividing. He would say what he meant but would not say it in a mean way. I pray that those in elected office will emulate his legacy as often as possible. I know I will do my best. God will be good to him, and I know he will rest in peace for all he did and tried to do in this world.

Election Update:

Our team continues to promote ballot applications, early voting, maximizing mail-in ballot returns for infrequent voters and those who might have a conflict on Election Day, and protecting the integrity of all citizen voter ballots. Mail-in ballot applications are now available. Since I am in session on Primary Day, my ballot application is in, and I will be voting by mail, EARLY!

Even if there is as little as a 1% chance you may not be able to vote on Primary Election Day, we cannot take the chance. Request your ballot now. If you are concerned after mailing in your ballot, you still may vote with a provisional ballot on Election Day. For more information on how to request a mail-in or absentee ballot, click here

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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