Weekly Update - 9.24.23

Good afternoon, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

This week, the House Republicans announced a stopgap funding plan that will reduce spending by 11%, excluding defense and veterans programs, and includes some of the strongest border security provisions ever. If we don’t come to a consensus, we are going to surrender control to the Democrats, and the American people will suffer the consequences. Currently, the Republicans have six holdouts, but the Democrats have not one member who will vote with us for a plan that reduces discretionary spending by 11%, holds stable on spending for Defense, Homeland and Veterans, and implements border security measures that will secure the border. Every Democrat voted against such reductions and funding for border security. I joined "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" on Fox Business to discuss. Please watch the interview as I explain the importance of passing this legislation. We will be in session this week. Click here or below to watch our interview.


I joined Newsmax to discuss rising inflation, the failures of Bidenomics, and the House Republicans' stopgap funding plan. Click here or below to watch my interview.

This week, I joined WILK Newsradio with Bob Cordaro. We covered many topics, including Republican efforts to secure the border, the appropriations process, and the impeachment inquiry investigating the growing scandals surrounding the Biden family. Click here or below to listen.

The numbers don’t lie – and the data shows a staggering, unmitigated disaster continues at our southern border. Biden’s open border policy is a cancer on our country, and it’s making our nation very sick.  This Administration is turning a blind eye to our immigration laws, and if the White House won’t stop the crisis, the U.S. House needs to. Click here or below to listen to my remarks on the floor of the U.S. House.

The SEC has issued unprecedented rules rapidly, leaving the U.S. Capital Markets industry is in a state of flux. The agency’s recently issued “Safeguarding” Rule is an overreach that will arguably harm investors in the market. I requested documentation today from the SEC that outlines their outreach to the banking industry and its regulators before issuing this brazen rule. Click here or below to listen to my comments in the House Finance Committee.

This week, members of Congress wore purple to celebrate National #RecoveryMonth and to recognize the 20 million Americans in recovery. The opioid epidemic has impacted every community in our country, and we must continue to address this crisis and support those still struggling. If you or a family member are struggling with substance use disorder, know that resources are available.

Top-tier collegiate athletic directors from across the country testified before the House Committee on Small Business about the need for Congress to create a nationwide framework for the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) process, which one AD described as a “wild wild west environment.” At this point, there have been too many stories of student-athletes being taken advantage of and exploited. The NCAA has not been able to set appropriate safeguards, which is why colleges and universities are now seeking Congressional action. My colleagues and I sought to gather more information today as the House begins exploring federal legislation. Click here or below to watch my comments.

The Constitution is unambiguous in Article I, Section 8, which grants only Congress the exclusive authority “to coin Money.” The Federal Reserve, or any other unelected body, should not usurp this constitutional responsibility by issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency, whether wholesale or retail. Doing so would not only be a breach of our Constitution but would also create numerous privacy concerns. Click here or below to hear my remarks in the House Finance Committee.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: While Joe Biden has had time for multiple fundraisers and a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during his multiple-day trip to New York, he did not meet with local officials on the migrant crisis.

This is unsurprising for Biden, whose favorite method of dealing with problems is ignoring their existence. In fact, the Biden administration is more concerned that Democrats are FINALLY talking about the crisis than they are about the humanitarian catastrophe and national security threat it poses.

As Politico noted when describing the “breakup” between Biden and Mayor Eric Adams – who said this crisis “will destroy New York City” – the Biden administration is upset that Adams is recognizing reality a full 30 months after the crisis began.

The White House deserves to be called out. As recently as August 30, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted the Administration was “stopping the flow at the border.” That was a lie. Including “gotaways,” there have been over 150,000 illegal border crossings for 30 months in a row. 

Since Friday, illegal border crossings have averaged just under 9,000 per day – including almost 10,000 yesterday. That puts Adams sounding the alarm at 10,000 per month in New York City into perspective. 

According to CNN, “local shelters are already over capacity” and people are sleeping on the streets. NewsNation reports that U.S. border officials are “temporarily suspending cargo processing at the Bridge of the Americas in El Paso, Texas, because of the huge surge…of migrants crossing into the country illegally.” Meanwhile, CBP officials warn that the border is “close to a breaking point” and that “the border has never been worse.”

Here’s the point: While Joe Biden denies that the worst U.S. border crisis on record exists, it only worsens because of his failed agenda. Under Biden, every state is a border state.

Look no further than Pennsylvania. This month, the Pennsylvania State Police and multiple law enforcement agencies were conducting a major manhunt for an escaped prisoner, a convicted killer, and illegal immigrant Danelo Cavalcante. Cavalcante was wanted for murder in his native country of Brazil, fled to Puerto Rico, and then illegally entered the United States. After establishing himself in Pennsylvania, he murdered his ex-girlfriend in front of her children. At the time of this horrific murder, the mainstream media referred to the crime as an extreme example of violent domestic abuse. They never mention that Cavalcante was an illegal immigrant. Before he murdered his ex-girlfriend, she had filed a protection from abuse order against Cavalcante. His name was known to law enforcement. At that time, why wasn't Cavalcante never turned over to ICE for deportation?

The only answer is that the extreme left and the mainstream media are in cahoots as it relates to the crisis at the border. They don't care how many lives are impacted and what crimes are committed as long as policies continue to adhere to their agenda... an agenda of open borders.

This week, Dave McCormick officially launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate. I strongly support Dave, and we need him fighting for Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate. Dave is a great American born in Pittsburgh and grew up in the 9th District. Dave is a West Point graduate and served his country honorably in the Army. He has helped build and run many large companies. Click here to learn more about Dave and his campaign. I'm with Dave, and I hope you will join me!

Speaking of the 2024 elections, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, President Trump's lead is expanding over Biden. Head-to-head in a hypothetical November 2024 matchup, Trump has 51% support while Biden has 42%. It shouldn't be surprising. Biden has done an atrocious job in the White House. He has severely mishandled major issues, particularly the economy and our border. President Trump set America up for success, and hardworking families were doing well. I am committed to ensuring we re-elect President Trump and getting our country back on track.

Americans are hurting. According to Moody's, it costs $734 more each month to buy the same goods and services as two years ago for U.S. households who earn the median income. It's no wonder Biden is underwater, and Americans are looking to return to the success we experienced under President Trump's leadership.

Finally, I want to recognize Aiden Carr, from Lake Wynonah and a Blue Mountain High School graduate. Aiden is finishing his final year at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is currently serving as his Company Commander. He is a great role model for our young people as he takes care of business daily, here and abroad. During his semester abroad with the Brazilian Military Academy, Aiden is first pictured at Brazilian Mountain School.

Here is another picture of Aiden from the annual Thayer Award Dinner with two exchange cadets.

While it's easy to focus on the daily responsibilities and tasks, we must never forget the brave men and women like Aiden fighting to protect our nation. They are willing to sacrifice their lives for our safety. 

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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