Weekly Update - 9.10.23

Good afternoon, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

On Monday, the nation celebrated Labor Day. It is a day to recognize the strength of American workers and reflect on their incredible contributions to building a strong country. Without the sacrifice of the generations of men and women who came before us and those who carry on the tradition of a strong work ethic, we wouldn't have a foundation for the future.

The Biden Administration is making it difficult. Their actions have been shameless, and they continue to double down on lies. They continue to use the mainstream media to exploit a fictional tale as it relates to Hunter Biden. If this was a bank robbery, Joe Biden was in the middle of it.


An impeachment inquiry is proving necessary because the mountain of evidence shows Biden lied for years when he said he had no knowledge of Hunter's overseas business dealings, when in fact, Joe Biden himself was involved. I joined “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business to discuss this issue. Click here or below to watch.

One of my priorities in Congress is improving access to capital for small businesses, especially those in rural and low-income areas. This week, I introduced legislation to enhance successful public-private partnerships and drive capital into underserved communities. Learn more about my Investing in All of America Act by clicking here.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to visit Martha Lloyd Community Services in Troy with President Lisa Musselman and Board member Henry Dunn. Martha Lloyd is a great asset to Bradford County, providing opportunities and lifestyle choices for those diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and autism. They also operate a great shop I visited called Coppertree, which employs those under their care. I want to thank Lisa and their incredible staff for the tour.

Afterward, I met with Cummings Lumber in Troy. I had the opportunity to hear about their successes and needs in the lumber industry. We also talked about the upcoming farm bill. Cummings Lumber is going four generations strong. Thank you to Scott Cummings, Roy Cummings, and Norm Steffy for welcoming Henry Dunn and me for a visit.

After leaving Bradford County, we visited Dushore, Sullivan County, to meet some great constituents and have the best carrot cake from Pam’s. Additionally, I would like to extend a special thank you to John Shoemaker from The Sullivan Review for his coverage.

Yesterday, I went to the Luzerne County Fair with my good friend and fair chairwoman, Brenda Pugh.

You may notice in our picture with Brenda I have a ribbon on my shirt. That is because I won third place in the heffer showing contest (And I know what you're thinking, more than 2 people were competing...)

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Joe Biden misled people on the economy to such a degree that maybe he doesn’t know the meaning of his words!

Here are some things that Biden says and what they actually mean for everyday hardworking Americans.

Biden insists inflation is “down.”

  • Definition Of “Down” In This Context: “to or at a lower price, value, or rank.”

  • Biden’s Record: When Biden took office, inflation was 1.4% and gas was $2.39 per gallon. Today, inflation is at 3.2%, and gas is $3.80 per gallon. In fact, prices have risen 16.9% since Biden took office and gas prices have been above $3 per gallon for 850 days.

  • Verdict: Under Biden, inflation, prices, and gas prices are not “down.” They are up!

Biden claims he “cut” the debt and deficit.

  • Definition Of “Cut” In This Context: “reduce the size, amount, or quantity of.”

  • Biden’s Record: Per Moody’s Analytics, Biden’s policies “have undoubtedly resulted in higher deficits, not smaller ones.” In fact, the deficit is set to double this year because of Biden’s spending. Worryingly, the estimated price of his proposals keeps being revised up at a frightening level.

  • Verdict: Biden has not “cut” the deficit. His policies have made deficit projections larger!

Biden purports to have “created” over 13 million jobs.

  • Definition Of “Created” In This Context: “bring (something) into existence” AND/OR “cause (something) to happen as a result of one's actions.”

  • Biden’s Record: Biden is evidently still learning the difference between a job “created” and a job “recovered” post-pandemic – a recovery that began under the previous president. And which states have dominated in recovering jobs? Republican-led states while Democrat-led ones fall behind.

  • Verdict: Biden has not created 13 million jobs, and if you want to credit anyone for the jobs recovered, credit Republican governors!

Biden says “Bidenomics” is “working.”

  • Definition of “Working” In This Context: “(of a plan or method) have the desired result or effect.”

  • Biden’s Record: Under Biden, families are poorer, real wages are lower, and costs are higher. Per a new CNN poll, almost 60% say Biden’s policies are worsening the economy.

  • Verdict: The only way “Bidenomics” is “working” is if he is making American families poorer on purpose.

Either Biden is purposefully lying about the harmful impacts of his policies on the economy, or he has no idea what he is talking about. Either way, he needs to be voted out in 2024.

A recent CNN poll is a stark look into Americans’ deep dissatisfaction with the Biden presidency. A whopping 70 percent of Americans say things are going BADLY in the country today, while Biden’s low approval rating — just 39 percent — makes him the second-most unpopular president in modern history at this point in his term.

In fact, Americans have significant doubts about Biden’s performance, integrity, and fitness:

  • 76 percent say Biden’s policies have either worsened the economic conditions of the country or made no difference.

  • 76 percent are “seriously concerned Biden’s age might negatively affect his ability to serve another full term.”

  • 73 percent are “seriously concerned Biden’s age might negatively affect his current mental and physical competence.”

  • 68 percent are “seriously concerned Biden’s age might negatively affect his understanding of the next generation’s concerns.”

  • 61 percent, including 64 percent of independents, believe Biden was directly involved in Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business deals.

  • 55 percent, including most independents, believe Biden’s actions related to the Hunter Biden criminal probe were “inappropriate.”

I am committed to retiring Joe Biden. Biden has been an abject failure. We have a Winning PA plan for our 47th President, who I believe will be Donald J. Trump. We must work smart and hard, and ensure we turn out our vote, 

I am also committed to ensuring a GOP majority in the U.S. Senate, and I strongly encourage Dave McCormick to run in 2024. Dave is a great candidate with an amazing record of success in the private sector and service to our nation. Dave is an even better person. He would be well-positioned to win that race and help get us closer to winning back control of the U.S. Senate.

Additionally, I am committed to keeping the GOP majority in the U.S. House and helping to expand that majority. One of the best ways is to expand the number of seats under GOP control in Pennsylvania. 

As part of our efforts to win seats for the GOP in Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, I was glad to return to a portion of my old district, Carbon County. I attended an event for my good friend Maria Montero for Congress in the 7th Congressional District. We need strong leaders in Congress, and Maria is the right one for the job.

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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