Weekly Update - 8.6.23

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

This week, I joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business to discuss the scandals related to Biden and his family. We know one thing for sure – Joe Biden lied.

Devon Archer said, “It’s categorically false” that Joe Biden had no role in his son’s business or knowledge of it: “He was aware of Hunter’s business. He met with Hunter’s business partners.”

He lied because he knew what he was doing was dirty, and now the evidence is mounting, and the truth is coming out. Click here or below to watch my interview.


Additionally, I joined the “National Report” on Newsmax to discuss the DOJ’s most recent indictment of President Trump. I never thought this would happen in the USA:

  • Trump goes up in the polls, another frivolous indictment.

  • Evidence mounts regarding Biden’s family scandals, Trump gets indicted.

The timeline says it all – every time Biden needs a distraction in the news cycle, a new Trump indictment follows. This is the weaponization of the DOJ against President Biden’s leading political opponent, particularly when no crime is defined.

When you have a double standard in justice, you have no justice at all. Click here or below to watch my interview.

What's worse is the lengths the mainstream media is willing to cover up for Joe Biden, Hunter, and the rest of the family's alleged crimes. Yesterday, the Scranton Times-Tribuneattacked remarks I made at least week's Trump Rally in Erie, where I highlighted the alleged crimes related to Joe and Hunter Biden and other family members. The Times-Tribunewrote in response to my comments, and those of other Republicans, that "nothing remotely" ties Joe to the alleged crimes committed by Hunter.

Well, then, why did Joe Biden lie... again and again? Why didn't Joe Biden say, "Yes, I'm aware of my son's business"? Why did Joe Biden read a New York Times article about Hunter's actions and then tell his son that he was "in the clear." In the clear of what? The truth is that he was aware of Hunter's business dealings and clearly had involvement in his business. The testimony from Hunter Biden's business partner Devon Archer explains how Hunter Biden sold direct access to his father when he was Vice President. That is a crime... even if the payoff goes to your wife, son, child, or grandchild.

With all that evidence, for the Scranton Times-Tribune to say "nothing remotely" ties Joe Biden to these crimes is an example of how far the mainstream media is willing to go to cover up the Biden family crimes. The New York Post published a story, "Liberal media bends over backward to dismiss new Joe Biden revelations." This story is a must-read. It lays out the Biden family's alleged crimes, the payoffs, the shell companies, and just how far the liberal media is willing to go to cover up Joe's involvement. Sad.

I also joined WILK-FM’s Bob Cordaro to discuss the recent Trump Rally in Erie, the importance of supporting small businesses, the Biden economy, and more. Click here or below to listen.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: There is chaos at home and abroad – and Joe Biden is on vacation.

Here’s what’s happening as Biden sleeps on the beach:

  • GAS PRICES: The nationwide average for a gallon of regular gasoline has ballooned to $3.82/gallon, while diesel prices are up more than 26% since the beginning of the month. Regular gas was $2.39/gallon when Biden took office — and prices have been higher ever since.

  • ECONOMIC TURBULENCE: As Americans reject “Bidenomics,” the U.S. was stripped of its top credit rating for just the second time ever as a result of the economic brinksmanship and mounting national debt of Biden and Democrats. Meanwhile, American families are bracing for “a more significant bill” with back-to-school spending due to Biden’s prolonged inflation crisis.

  • FOREIGN POLICY: The U.S. embassy in Niger is evacuating amid Biden’s weakness on the world stage — the fifth such embassy evacuation of his presidency — while Biden’s border crisis gets even worse here at home.

Meanwhile, Biden — who has already spent nearly 40 percent of his presidency on vacation — is ducking the press at every turn.

It's not surprising Biden is ducking the press, as he has no good answers or plans for correcting these significant issues.

On Tuesday night, I attended the Schuylkill County Fair, where I toured the event with Fair President Paul Kennedy and Schuylkill County Commissioner Boots Hetherington. It was a great fair where I competed in the cow milking contest, met many great agricultural businesses throughout the county, and saw the famous tractor pull. And for those of you keeping score, I finished 2nd place in the milking contest. I’ve been booed by crowds before, but this is the first time I have been mooed by cows. Haha!

Advocating on behalf of our brave veterans remains a top priority. The Wilkes-Barre VA seems not to be particularly accommodating to our veterans as we know other VAs are, such as groups participating in events on the premises, outings, and visitors coming and going without appointments. For nearly a year, I’ve raised concerns, taking these issues directly to the Wilkes-Barre VA, to the VA Washington Office, the Veterans Affairs Committee Chair, and most recently, I spoke to VISN Director Liezert with State Treasurer Stacy Garrity on behalf of our veterans in the area. One way or another, we won’t let up until our veterans are satisfied with the care they receive. Click here to read a news report from the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. Click here to read another story on this issue from FOX-56.

Later, we headed to the Wyoming County Republican Picnic in Tunkhannock, where many friends and elected officials were present.

After the picnic, Shelley joined me for the Tunkhannock Annual Fireman’s Parade, where we walked along with many other state and local elected officials.

On Friday, the Northeast Leadership Group held its annual golf tournament at the wonderful Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club, which had a great turnout!

I attended a great event at the Lackawanna GOP supporting Megan Martin for Commonwealth Court yesterday. This year's judicial races are crucial, especially as we have witnessed tremendous overreach by the judiciary in the last couple of years. We must elect judges who interpret the Constitution and laws as written and not attempt to legislate from the bench. Republicans have an outstanding ticket! I am supporting Supreme Court candidate, Judge Carolyn Carluccio, Superior Court candidates Judge Harry Smail and Maria Battista, and Megan Martin for Commonwealth Court. I urge you to join me in voting for them this November.

After that event, I attended a great event at Best Cigar in Drums. Thanks to Greg Fox for building such a great business in our area.

And to wrap up the week, my son Danny drove home last night from Bucknell football camp with a couple of teammates to get a couch for their room ……cleaned out the fridge too…. Mom was more than happy to oblige! 

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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