Weekly Update - 7.31.23

Good morning and welcome to our Weekend Update.

On Saturday, I made my way to Erie to join the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, where I gave remarks before the President took the stage. His rally at the arena was full of patriots, ready to take back the White House in 2024 and get the Biden crime family out of there. I was joined by great Republicans and friends Congressman Mike Kelly, former Congressman Fred Keller, former U.S. Ambassador Carla Sands and combat veteran and best-selling author Sean Parnell. I stressed the importance of supporting President Trump next fall. With President Trump in office, American families were thriving, the economy was humming, our nation’s border was far more secure, and America was promoting peace through strength throughout the world. Click here to watch my remarks.


President Trump greeted a tremendous crowd committed to supporting his re-election and passionate about the America First agenda. They are also upset that the Biden administration continues to use the levers of the government to attack Trump, his family, and his businesses. Please make no mistake; the Biden administration is desperately trying to keep Hunter Biden out of jail and indict their number one political opponent. That's not America; that's a banana republic. We won't stand for it! All Americans will not stand for such unequal justice. We all know President Trump would not be in their crosshairs if he weren't running for the White House. Click here or below to watch President Trump's remarks.

All kinds of evidence continue to be revealed in the Hunter Biden scandal, and it’s damning. As Republicans fight for accountability and transparency, more and more concerning details are emerging. Worse yet, the Democrats refuse to acknowledge the scandals, and the media ignores them, instead covering Biden's attacks on President Trump.

Click here to watch a great new video from the Trump Campaign outlining Biden’s corruption.

The U.S. Justice Department, which negotiated Hunter's sweetheart deal, did not count on IRS whistleblowers and a skeptical judge. Thankfully, because of that, Hunter's plea deal was rejected. Click here to read more in the Wall Street Journal.

I joined WHP-580’s RJ Harris to discuss the scandal. Check out my interview by clicking here or below.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The House GOP Majority laid out a bold vision for America called the Commitment to America.

Republicans have been delivering on those promises, despite working in a divided government. The House GOP has gotten 10 bills to Biden’s desk and passed 47 rule bills.

An Economy That’s Strong:

  • Making America Energy Independent and Reducing Gas Prices
    • HR 1 – Lower Energy Costs Act
    • HR 22 – Protect SPR from China
  • Fight Inflation/Lower the Cost of Living
    • HR 347 – REIN in Act
  • Recover and Prevent Unemployment Fraud
    • HR 1163 – Protecting Taxpayers/Victims of UI Fraud
  • Protect Homebuyers with Good Credit
    • HR 3564 – Middle-Class Borrower Protection Act
  • Protect Retirement Savings

A Nation That’s Safe:

  • Secure Border/Combat Illegal Immigration
    • HR 2 – Secure the Border Act
    • HR 467 – HALT Fentanyl Act
    • HR 3941 – Schools Not Shelters Act
  • Defend America’s National Security
    • HR 2670 – NDAA
  • Reduce Crime/Protect Public Safety
    • HJ Res 26 – Disapprove DC Criminal Code
  • Stand Up to China
    • S 619 – COVID-19 Origin Act
    • Establish Select Committee on China

Under the leadership of Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Majority Leader Steve Scalise, the House GOP is leading. We have worked to accomplish a great deal but have much more to do. Our agenda to improve the economy, ensure our nation's safe, protect our freedoms, and ensure our government is accountable is moving forward. Our efforts will be enhanced by re-electing President Trump, electing a Senate Republican majority and expanding our majority in the U.S. House.

The House GOP will always support America’s active-duty military personnel and our nation’s veterans. This year’s “Milcon/VA” appropriations bill will fully fund our veterans’ health care and benefits programs to ensure they receive the timely care they have rightfully earned. The legislation will also improve the quality of life of our servicemembers and keep political ideology out of the VA. This week, I urged my colleagues to support the bill. Click here to view my comments.

This week, Financial Services Committee Republicans voted to advance my Protecting U.S. Business Sovereignty Act. The U.S. is already taking action on fossil fuels, and the SEC and European Union have no jurisdiction in dictating further carbon emission standards on U.S. companies. However, this bill isn’t about climate change – it’s about following the law and protecting the sovereignty of American businesses from EU mandates. Click here to read more.

Higher taxes and regulations make American businesses and farms less competitive. They’re also counterintuitive. When the government takes money out of entrepreneurs’ pockets through taxes and regulations, it limits their chances to succeed – meaning tax revenues will ultimately go down. Click hereto listen to my comments at a recent hearing on the importance of getting the government out of the way so we can allow the private sector to thrive.

The status quo of crypto regulation isn’t getting the job done. I was pleased that Financial Services Committee Republicans passed the bipartisan FIT for the 21st Century Act and the Clarity for Payment Stablecoins Act, which will increase industry confidence and better protect crypto investors. Click here to read more.


Overregulation can stifle innovation and hinder our economy's progress, so I recently urged the Fed to consider the implications of limiting banks' ability to extend credit. Doing so will negatively impact the millions of small businesses already struggling in the Biden Economy. Click here to read a letter I penned with Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25), Chairman of the Committee on Small Business, calling on U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Vice Chairman Michael Barr to address the issue. Click here to read the letter.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline will have a multi-billion-dollar economic impact on Pennsylvania and is vital to the growth of the commonwealth’s natural gas industry, which employs tens of thousands of residents. I recently signed an Amicus Brief filed before the Supreme Court in support of the project, and today, I applaud the Court’s decision to allow the Mountain Valley Pipeline to be completed. This is a win for Pennsylvania and a step in the right direction to improve American energy security. Click here to read an editorial from the Williamsport Sun-Gazette supporting our efforts to ensure the completion of this critical project.

On Friday, I visited the great Lebanon County Fair and met many great agricultural leaders and volunteers. I want to thank Pennsylvania Ag Republicans Chair Mike Firestine for taking us around the fair.

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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