Weekly Update - 4.14.24

Good evening, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

Yesterday, Iran launched a heinous attack against Israel. The United States must always stand unequivocally with our great ally. We remain committed to our closest partner in the Middle East, and such a vicious attack cannot stand. My prayers are with the people of Israel in the wake of this ruthless attack.

Last night, President Donald J. Trump's campaign held a rally in Schnecksville, Lehigh County. It was a large, enthusiastic crowd of Pennsylvanians fired up to re-elect Trump and our GOP ticket. I was honored to address the crowd before President Trump spoke. Click hereor below to hear my remarks.

I focused my remarks on the destructive, damaging and deadly policies of the Biden administration to the U.S. and the world. I contrasted that reality with the strong economy and global stability we had under President Trump. In order to truly get America on the right, crucial direction to strengthen our national security and our economy, all American-loving citizens must vote...Vote early, vote by mail, vote on Election Day. This is the most important election of our lifetime. Vote and volunteer to help contact infrequent voters or voters who lost confidence in elections, we all must vote to put America on track to be great again.


Pictured below with Shelley and congressional candidate Maria Montero (PA-7).

Pictured below with Pennsylvania State Treasurer Stacy Garrity. Stacy got a great shoutout from President Trump.

Congressman Lloyd Smucker and House Majority Whip Tom Emmer in Pennsylvania meeting President Trump.

President Trump provided our campaign with his full endorsement, and I am proud to have his support. 

When you peel back the onion on the Biden Administration, all you want to do is cry. Nothing is being done from a tax, regulatory, or fiscal responsibility standpoint that is helping drive or strengthen our economy. This Administration’s policies have been devastating to American small businesses. I joined "Mornings with Maria" on Fox Business to discuss. Click here or below to watch.

Under Biden’s disastrous border policies, we have drugs poisoning our nation’s youth, human trafficking, rising crime in our cities, and now rampant squatting by illegal immigrants. My recently introduced SHIELD Act will make illegal immigrants think twice before squatting in an American’s home by making trespassing a deportable offense. I joined "Fox & Friends Weekends" on Fox News to discuss. Click here or below to watch.

The dramatic increase in the number of illegal immigrants squatting in American homes is yet another example of how the disastrous situation at our southern border is impacting communities across the country. That’s why I introduced the SHIELD Act, which would make trespassing a deportable offense for illegal aliens and deem the alien permanently inadmissible for entry into the United States. Click here or below to learn more about my recently introduced legislation.

This legislation will serve as a deterrent and make illegals think twice before attempting to trespass on or unlawfully possess an American’s property. Click here or below to watch my remarks on the House floor.

The Fourth Amendment protects our citizens against warrantless searches and seizures. And while we must ensure that national security is as strong as it needs to be, we must also safeguard the freedoms of the American people. We need to accomplish both of those goals as the House considers the reauthorization of FISA. I joined the "American Agenda" on Newsmax to comment further on the issue. Click here or below to watch.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Since Biden took office, overall prices have shot up by 19.4% — a MASSIVE hit on hardworking Americans.

Nowhere is that price pain felt more than in the daily foods Americans buy.


  • Eggs are up 49.3%.
  • Gas is up 47.8%.
  • Peanut butter is up 40.1%.
  • Crackers are up 38.2%.
  • Flour is up 33.5%.
  • Butter/margarine is up 32%.
  • Salad dressing is up 30.6%.
  • Baby food is up 30.5%.
  • Sugar is up 29.1%.
  • Frozen vegetables are up 28.2%.
  • Bakery products are up 26.7%.
  • Soups are up 26.4%.
  • Steaks are up 24.8%.
  • Chicken is up 23.9%.
  • Pet food is up 23.7%.
  • Bread is up 23.7%.
  • Cereal is up 22.5%.
  • Coffee is up 19.6%.
  • Milk is up 15%.

Overall, grocery prices have surged by 21.1% since Biden took office. That’s a massive drag on Americans already paying more for almost everything during the Biden administration.

These unending price hikes (which Biden promised would be “transitory” but was lying) have decimated Americans’ finances. Nearly two-thirds of Americans reported living paycheck-to-paycheck last year — an increase from 2022 — as credit card debt hits record highs and savings accounts dwindle.

That is the definition of Bidenomics!

By finalizing its deeply flawed Climate Rule, Biden's U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission compels companies into political speech and prioritizes its legal defenses over investor welfare. This rule undermines American energy dominance and is a sideshow, distracting the SEC from its core mission. Click here to watch my remarks during a House Financial Services Committee meeting.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 led to years of record-low unemployment, GDP growth, real wage growth, and all-time high tax revenues. Families saw their median household income increase over $6,000 yearly, real wages grew 4.9%, 6 million people were lifted out of poverty, and Main Street Businesses saw over $65 billion in tax savings.
Earlier this week, as part of a House Committee on Small Businesshearing, I spoke with small business owners about the need to extend expiring pro-growth tax provisions, like immediate R&D expensing and total bonus depreciation, and work to extend the rest of TCJA before 2025. America must have a tax code that fosters investment and innovation, making us the most competitive place in the world to do business. Click here or below to watch.

This week, I addressed the Security Traders Association, discussing the current U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission landscape and challenging rules like the Climate Rule and Volume-Tiered Pricing Prohibition. Nasdaq's Chuck Mack and I dove into how these regulations impact capital access for my constituents, Pennsylvanians, and all investors.

A productive dialogue ensued on current issues of the day and maintaining U.S. market competitiveness, ensuring we remain the world's most competitive place to do business.

I was happy to meet with the Semiconductor Industry Association, including Intel and EMD Electronics representatives, who recently invested $300 million in Pennsylvania’s 9th District. We discussed the need to address tax and workforce issues, which are key to the future of U.S. semiconductor leadership. We must ensure America is the most competitive place in the world to invest and do business.

Check out my extensive interview on Feedback WEEU. We covered several of the most pressing issues facing Pennsylvania and our country, including Bidenomics, the crisis at our southern border, crime in our cities, the Biden Family scandals, and much more. Click here or below to listen.

Last but not least, I spent the evening with Rob Bresnahan, Republican candidate for the 8th congressional district, and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise. For both of our stops, there were packed rooms of people wanting to see our Republican majority grow in the U.S. House. The support provided to candidates like Rob is vital in ensuring we can keep control in the House and continue to legislate conservatively.

We are excited to catch up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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