Weekly Update - 3.27.22

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

First and foremost, Shelley and I want to extend our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Pennsylvania State Troopers Martin Mack III and Branden Sisca. These brave officers were tragically killed in the line of duty. Every day, thousands of brave men and women in law enforcement make sacrifices to protect and serve their communities.

This is a horrific tragedy. Our police officers regularly risk their lives to protect our safety; they deserve our full support now and always. This is a tremendous loss for our Commonwealth.


As we speak of bravery, we must continue to rally and pray for the people of Ukraine as they fight off the Russian invasion. It speaks to the resolve and patriotism of the people of Ukraine, the leadership of their President Zelensky, that they are effectively shutting down the Russian invasion of their nation. There is no choice but to win. We can and must do everything we can do to support Ukraine and fight back against Putin. We must continue to support Ukraine with humanitarian aid and weapons.

This week, I joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business to discuss Ukraine, high gas prices and Biden’s crisis at the border. Click here or below to watch.

IN NEWS YOU WON'T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: High gas prices continue to crush American families. While the Biden administration continues to deflect blame, the responsibility for our energy crisis lies at their feet.

Biden policies are the direct result of high gas prices:

  • Executive order preventing new domestic energy production
  • Canceling already planned energy projects (including the Keystone Pipeline)
  • Build Back Better anti-energy agenda, including:
    • New pipeline fees
    • New severance taxes
    • Increasing bonding/surety 15 times current rates
  • No American lease sales of energy while President
  • Delaying Liquified Natural Gas export terminals
  • Changed pipeline policies to delay further
  • Treasury urges banks not to invest in fossil fuel projects
  • Prohibits pension funds from investing in fossil fuels
  • White House working group weighs "social cost" of gas… want to increase the price of gas

Worse… he increased our nation's dependence on Russian oil.

The Biden administration is always wrong but never in doubt. Their policies and efforts have increased gas prices as they attempt to force Americans to abandon fossil fuels. They are actively implementing this agenda when no affordable alternative is in place. If solar, wind or other alternative energies were ready for primetime, the market and Americans would use them. Unfortunately, these alternatives are not affordable and don't meet the current demands of the American public. Reminder, the electrical source used to charge the batteries in electric vehicles are most likely attached to a coal-fired, nuclear, hydro, or natural gas energy generation site.

Biden and the Democrat's anti-energy platform has forced our nation to become dependent on foreign energy sources. They will have to answer why they believe purchasing our gas and energy from our enemies (who have far-worse environmental records) is a prudent thing for our national security and the American families' wallet. President Donald Trump had our nation energy independent only a few short years ago. We can and must return to an America First agenda.

In the 9th Congressional District, I joined local officials and community leaders to celebrate $2 million in funding secured for Alvernia University's new Pottsville College Towne project. Alvernia University will utilize this new building for their satellite campus relocation and expansion into downtown Pottsville.

The redevelopment of this vacant structure is a win-win situation for Alvernia University and Pottsville. Alvernia will bring their growing university to the heart of Pottsville and will significantly aid in the revitalization of this great city. (Pictured below with Alvernia President John Loyack, Schuylkill campus director Cynthia Mensch, Senator David G. Argall, State Representative Rep. Tim Twardzik, many other Alvernia officials and involved parties)

I attended the Wild Turkey Federation Dinner in Sayre. (Pictured below with Bradford County GOP Chair Dick Harris, Bradford County Commissioner Doug Mclinko and his son.)


Had a great time visiting with the students at the Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School. Fun classroom and it was great to visit with these kids. Special thanks to Charlie Porter (pictured below) with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau who arranged this visit as part of their ag literacy week.

Shelley and I had a great time at the Girardville St. Patrick’s Day parade. We always enjoy spending time with State Senator Dave Argall and our great friend Mary Beth Dougherty. Everyone was having a great time and was in a celebratory mood. (Shelley and I pictured with Senator Dave Argall, Mary Beth Dougherty, and Judge Charlie Miller. Also pictured with Rep. Tim Twardzik.)

Campaign Update:

Our campaign is off to a great start. We are on the ballot. We have just got our first shipment of yard signs is coming in, and we are excited to be on the trail. If you would like a yard sign, please email [email protected] or call 570-915-3027.

One of the things we are working hard to do is raise funds. These funds will not only be used to ensure the 9th District remains in firm Republican control, but also that Republicans win elections up and down the ballot, especially in our fight to win back control of the U.S. House, retire Speaker Pelosi, and put up a check to the Biden administration's disastrous agenda.

We held a successful fundraiser at the Blue Ridge Country Club this week. I want to thank all the sponsors and donors for their support.

As I have said from the beginning, running a campaign is a "we" effort. My service in Congress is about representing the people of the 9th District and Pennsylvanians. We accomplish that by working together. This November, there is a lot at stake, and we are ready to take our nation back!

Keep up the faith and the fight,


Dan Meuser

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