Weekly Update - 3.17.24

Good afternoon, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

There is a clear cause and effect between the Biden Administration’s excessive spending and rising inflation. And rather than correct course, the President’s FY25 budget doubles down on policy failures by proposing $1 trillion in additional spending and new taxes on hard-working Americans. All this Administration wants to do is grow the government and shrink the economy, which weakens our national security and fiscal stability. I joined the “American Agenda” on Newsmax to discuss Biden and the budget. Click here or below to watch.


Last week, Biden claimed the State of our Union is strong—but the American people disagree. From soaring inflation to national debt, a catastrophe at our southern border, an assault on American energy, rising crime, and geopolitical chaos, the State of our Union is sadly not strong. It has been in decline for over three years. I spoke on the floor of the U.S. House about Biden’s Administration. Click here or below to watch.

IN NEWS YOU WON'T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: President Trump dominated the primary and clinched the nomination as the Republican nominee for President.

CLINCHED! This week, President Donald J. Trump has secured enough delegates to clinch the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

America’s comeback starts now.

The contrast between President Trump and Crooked Joe Biden could not be clearer:

  • Under President Trump, America’s border was secure. President Trump ended “catch and release,” constructed hundreds of miles of wall, implemented ‘Remain in Mexico’ and safe third country agreements, imposed an asylum ban, and expedited removals. When illegal aliens violated our border, they were quickly detained and removed. Biden dismantled border security as soon as he took office.

  • Under President Trump, America was prosperous. The average yearly inflation rate under President Trump was 1.9 percent; it’s 5.6 percent under Biden. Real average weekly earnings rose by 8.2 percent under President Trump, declining by 4.2 percent under Biden. The average regular gas price was $2.68/gallon under President Trump; they’ve averaged about $3.60/gallon under Biden.

  • Under President Trump, America was strong. President Trump eliminated ISIS, took out the world’s number one terrorist leader, secured historic peace deals across the Middle East, and restored U.S. standing on the world stage. Biden has unleashed one international disaster after another by appeasing Iran, failing to contain China, and botching the Afghanistan withdrawal.

All cognitively challenged Biden has accomplished has been chaos and division.

Republicans are united around President Donald J. Trump — and we’re coming for Biden.


The contrast between President Donald Trump’s record of success and Joe Biden’s record of failure became even sharper this week, especially concerning the border and the economy.

The Border—Joe Biden essentially admitted this week that he has no plans to end the border crisis. Remember, he created the crisis with his executive actions. He could end it today by reversing his policies, but he refuses. On the other hand, President Trump plans to reinstate his successful policies and secure the border. For more information on Biden’s border crisis, click here.

The Economy—Today’s consumer price index report shows inflation accelerating to 3.2 percent, more than double the rate before Biden took office.

Under President Trump, the average yearly inflation rate was 1.9 percent, and real average weekly earnings rose 8.2 percent. Under Biden, the average yearly inflation rate has been 5.6 percent, and real average weekly earnings are down 4.2 percent. For more information on today’s report, click here.

If America wants a secure border and prosperous, hard-working families set up to succeed, vote for President Trump.

The Defense Production Act (DPA) is an important tool to bolster national security. DPA funds should boost, not compromise, U.S. energy dominance. Using such funds for agendas unrelated to national security, like Biden's green energy push, strays from their core mission. Watch my comments by clicking here or below. 

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to meet with the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. We discussed how to best help students throughout Pennsylvania and ensure they have reliable financing to access higher education.

I enjoyed meeting with members of the TCCNA Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America. During our conversations, I learned about their businesses in the United States, and we explored strategies to increase trade and economic investments between our two great countries.

Around the District:

On Wednesday evening, I had the privilege of serving as the keynote speaker for the Schuylkill County Republican Dinner. We had a great time discussing the importance of the upcoming election. The crowd was enthused and ready to reelect President Donald J. Trump!

On Thursday evening, I attended the Luzerne County Council of Republican Women event in Dallas. It was another well-attended and enthusiastic crowd of Republicans who are all aligned and ready to reelect President Trump. The enthusiasm is building.

Yesterday, I participated in the Pottsville St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was a great turnout, and the weather was fantastic. Pictured below with State Representative and good friend Tim Twardzik.

Pictured below with the SOBA School of Dance.

Lastly, we are continuing to promote ballot applications, early voting, maximizing mail-in ballot returns for infrequent voters and those who might have a conflict on Election Day, and protecting the integrity of all citizen voter ballots. Stay tuned for additional details in the next couple of weeks. Mail-in ballot applications are now available. Since I am in session on Primary Day, my ballot application is in, and I will be voting by mail, EARLY! Even if there is as little as a 1% chance you may not be able to vote on Primary Election Day, we cannot take the chance. Request your ballot now. If you are concerned after mailing in your ballot, you still may vote with a provisional ballot on Election Day. Let us know if you have any questions. 

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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