Weekly Update - 1.14.24

Good evening, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

The Iowa Caucus is quickly approaching, and I am eager to get this presidential race officially kicked off. The countless failures of the Biden Administration, both foreign and domestic, are stark reminders of just how critical the November election is. Inflation, labor issues, increased crime, China, a continuingly worsening crisis at our southern border, the Middle East at war, Afghanistan, and on and on and on. On every significant issue facing our nation, Biden has just been wrong. 

I am supporting President Donald J. Trump. He is a proven leader who got our country back on the right track in 2017, and I am confident he will do the same when re-elected. The future of our nation depends upon it. Stay tuned for ways to help deliver Pennsylvania for Trump this November.


One of the major issues on Trump and the GOP's plate will be restoring economic prosperity. The Biden Administration refuses to take the necessary steps to get our economy back on track. We must keep Democrats from allowing the pro-growth Trump Tax Cut and Job Act to expire to foster a competitive marketplace, rein in spending, and promote pro-growth initiatives to help small businesses and our economy thrive. I joined “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business to discuss our economy’s struggles. Click here or below to watch.

Another issue is the border crisis. Secretary Mayorkas isn’t being honest with the American people about the disaster at our southern border. Under his watch, millions of people have illegally entered the country, drugs are coming across in massive quantities, and human trafficking is running rampant. His willful failure to enforce the Secure Fence Act, which mandates the secretary to maintain operational control of the border, violates Article II of the Constitution, and impeachment is warranted. I joined the "Laura Coates Show" on POTUS on SiriusXM to discuss. Click here to listen.

Rising crime rates in major cities significantly threaten Main Street America. Businesses and consumers alike are feeling the adverse effects as revenues decline and prices increase, directly impacting many businesses’ bottom lines and leading to a decline in overall revenue.

Effective prosecution of criminals is crucial to breaking the cycle of escalating crime. By holding criminals accountable, we can safeguard businesses, mitigate the economic impact, and restore stability to Main Street America. The House Small Business Committee met to discuss this issue. Click here or below to watch my comments and questions.

My bill, the China Exchange Rate Transparency (CERT) Act, is a bipartisan effort to address the Chinese Communist Party's lack of financial transparency and deceptive practices on the global economic stage. By tackling China's persistent manipulation of international standards, we can end their longstanding disregard for fair play and global economic stability. This legislation underscores the importance of enforcing agreed-upon rules among all IMF members, holding China accountable for its promises, and preventing further exploitation of the system. Our firm stance reflects a commitment to fair trade and a transparent global economic system. My bill passed the House overwhelmingly. Click here or below to watch my remarks on the House floor.

The proposed DOL Fiduciary rule threatens to raise costs, restrict access, and create obstacles for Americans looking to save for retirement. This overreach by the Biden Administration has amassed objections from retirement advisers nationwide, including several from my District.

To learn more about the disastrous impacts of this rule, click here to watch my line of questioning below.

On Thursday evening, I met with Speaker Mike Johnson and a handful of my colleagues to discuss how House Republicans can continue delivering on our Commitment to America as we fight to move our country forward.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Inflation is back on the rise, with the year-over-year Consumer Price Index rising to 3.4 percent last month.

It appears Biden’s economic victory lap was premature — yet again.

Core consumer prices — not including food and energy costs — shot up by 3.9 percent year-over-year.

The “higher than expected” numbers come amid “a reversal of some of the declines” from previous months. It’s the 33rd straight month with inflation above three percent and caps a year in which Americans saw massive price increases in areas like car insurance, car repairs, and non-prescription drugs.

Overall, prices have risen by 17.3 percent since Biden took office. Electricity is up by 25 percent, food prices are up by 20.2 percent and rent by 19 percent under Biden.

It comes as real wages remain lower than when Biden took office — a 2.5 percent pay cut.

Meantime, inflation remains twice the rate it was when Biden took office. On a year-over-year basis, inflation has averaged 5.7 percent under Biden — more than double the level under any of the past four presidents.

“Bidenomics — it’s working!”

For whom, exactly?

This week, we celebrated the return of commercial air service to the Williamsport Regional Airport. Over the past two years, I’ve worked closely with the Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority to help accomplish this goal. I applaud their relentless efforts to bring commuter routes back to the region. This achievement signifies a gateway to new economic opportunities and enhanced connectivity for the Williamsport community and beyond.

Later this year, Southern Airways Express will begin operating a direct flight between Williamsport and Washington Dulles, creating an important link between our region and the nation’s capital. I will continue to advocate for initiatives that benefit rural air service in our District.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Zoey Wright of Factoryville in my DC office. Zoey is a senior welding student at the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center, and she recently interned with Coterra Energy, a leading natural gas company with a presence throughout Pennsylvania’s Ninth District. Zoey's exceptional performance during her internship caught the attention of American Petroleum Institute President Mike Sommers, who recognized her efforts in his annual "State of American Energy" speech. Please join me in applauding Zoey Wright's hard work and commitment to her trade.

I’m glad the National Park Service listened to the will of Pennsylvanians and won’t be removing the William Penn statue in Welcome Park in Philadelphia. The below letter to the National Park Service’s Associate Director will be withdrawn. Click here to read my letter. 

We recognized National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day this week. I extend my sincere thanks to the brave police officers, sheriff’s deputies, state troopers, and more who work tirelessly to protect and serve our communities. Each day, law enforcement officers put service above self as they bravely step into the line of duty, and we are grateful for all of their efforts. I will always Back the Blue!

This week, we observed National Milk Day. On this day and every day, we thank Pennsylvania’s dairy farmers, who produce 10 billion pounds of milk each year. This vital industry employs 47,000 people throughout the Commonwealth and contributes nearly $12 billion annually to Pennsylvania’s economy. Recently, along with my House GOP colleagues, the House passed the Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act. This common-sense legislation will bring whole milk back to our school cafeterias, ensuring our children have access to a well-rounded and healthy diet.

Please enjoy and celebrate Martin Luther King Day tomorrow. Americans are reminded of his courage and words: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of the skin but by the content of their character."

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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