Weekly Update - 10.1.23

Good evening, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

Contrary to their comments on wanting to keep the government open, Democrats showed the American people yesterday that they were actively working for a shutdown. They pulled out every trick in the book and used several delay tactics on the floor, but one of their members, a former school teacher, even pulled a fire alarm to disrupt Congressional proceedings.


While Democrat extremists literally turned to anarchy to try to force a government shutdown, I voted to ensure our brave military and border patrol personnel continue receiving a paycheck. We need to immediately get back to work to come up with a long-term conservative budget that puts the priorities of Americans first.

This week, I joined “Mornings with Maria’ on Fox Business to discuss the current situation in Washington regarding a funding plan. The reality is that Bidenomics is a failure, his Administration’s spending is a failure, and the President’s assault on America’s energy industry is a failure. Frankly, everything they do is upside down and backward. We must rein in spending and secure our border to get our country back on track. Click here or below to watch our interview.

Additionally, I joined the RJ Harris Show on WHP-580. We cover some of the most pressing topics, such as the current state of the appropriations process, the impeachment inquiry surrounding President Biden's influence-peddling scandal, and the worsening crisis at our southern border. Click here or below to listen.

Last but certainly not least, I joined the Bob Cordaro Show on WILK Newsradio. We discussed the bombshell new evidence in the Biden family scandal that shows wire transfers amounting to $250k from Chinese nationals listing Joe Biden’s Delaware home as the “beneficiary address.” We also discussed Biden and Schumer’s willingness to shut down the government because they won’t shut down the border. Click here or below to listen.

We all know our country needs more robust homeland security as we face an unmitigated disaster at our southern border. Through the appropriations bills, House Republicans are fighting to combat the crisis. We will increase the number of CBP agents, build a barrier, increase fentanyl detection capabilities, strengthen asylum laws, and force Secretary Mayorkas to do his job! Click here to watch my remarks on the U.S. House floor addressing the border crisis.

We met with Kevin O'Leary, a.k.a. Mr. Wonderful, to collaborate on legislative initiatives that would benefit the entrepreneurs who drive our economy. He is highly focused on supporting small businesses and ensuring they can access reliable and affordable capital. This is and has been a priority of mine in Congress as well. Mr. Wonderful and I have agreed to begin working together on projects related to promoting policies that support small businesses, which employ 62 million Americans, including 70% of the employees in my District.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Mike Carroll joined me in my Washington, D.C. office. We had a productive conversation about transportation and infrastructure priorities for Pennsylvania. I’ll continue to work with Secretary Carroll to ensure federal funds are being deployed efficiently to improve our roadways in Pennsylvania.

Oversight, transparency, and accountability are lacking at the SEC under Gary Gensler. At a recent Financial Services Committee hearing, I questioned Chair Gensler on the SEC's ESG climate rule, the potential overreach into banking, and the DWAC-Truth Social merger. This hearing was a step in the right direction towards achieving transparency at this SEC. We must continue pushing for clarity and responsibility. Click here or below to watch my remarks.

It makes no sense for President Biden to turn to foreign adversaries for oil. Despite countless regulations making it difficult for American businesses to operate, we have small producers right here in the U.S. who produce a cleaner product compared to overseas imports. This week, the Small Business Committee examined how burdensome regulations are crushing small offshore energy producers and hindering our energy independence. Click here or below to watch my remarks.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: This week, it was revealed that Joe Biden’s home address was listed as the beneficiary address for wire transfers to Hunter Biden from China. We can add that to the very lengthy list of questions Americans have about the Bidens and corruption.

In 2019, Hunter received more than $250,000 in wire transfers from his Chinese business partners, with Joe Biden’s Delaware home listed as the beneficiary address, according to the House Oversight Committee — with the payments coming just months after Joe Biden announced his presidential campaign.

Much of the money came from Hunter’s business associate Jonathan Li, with whom Joe Biden once met in Beijing and for whose children Joe Biden wrote college letters of recommendation — and the business partner Hunter allegedly put Joe Biden on speakerphone for at least one call.

This only adds to the mounting questions over the tens of millions of dollars that flowed into Biden-linked accounts from foreign sources — much of it while Joe Biden was vice president — and are again at odds with Joe Biden’s claims that Hunter “has not made money” from China.

Of course, the official White House response falls completely flat. Hunter Biden was not living with his parents in Delaware at the time of the payments, according to his rejected sweetheart plea deal; he was living in California.

So what’s Joe Biden’s explanation for this?

Additionally, the crisis at the border continues to worsen. There have been over 10,000 illegal border crossings PER DAY for 5 days in a row. In August, the White House claimed they were “stopping the flow at the border.” That was a lie. According to U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, “In terms of flow, and the threats that we're seeing…it's about as bad as I've ever seen it.”

The Biden administration has lost credibility on nearly every matter important to Americans. From the border to the economy to their defense of Biden as it relates to the Hunter Biden scandals to their continued assault on President Donald Trump, I'm not sure they have said many things that are rooted in fact. This goes far beyond dealing with policy differences, the lengths to which this administration continues to work to keep Americans from the truth is astonishing.

On the border, the Biden White House says they are stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. The TRUTH is that the border has never been more open. It is a dangerous situation impacting the entire nation.

On the economy, the Biden White House says Bidenomics is working. The TRUTH is that inflation and higher costs for fuel, groceries, and other necessities are at record highs, and wages are not keeping up. 

On Hunter Biden scandals, the Biden White House continues to say that Joe Biden was uninvolved. The TRUTH is that there is ample evidence that Joe "The Big Guy" Biden was an integral part of the scheme Hunter Biden employed to leverage his father's high-ranking government positions to land consulting contracts with foreign governments. 

On President Donald Trump, the Biden White House has sought to blame all of these issues on President Trump. The TRUTH is that all the issues outlined above of our Joe Biden's making. Under President Trump, our economy was booming, gas prices were low, and our border was more secure than it has been in decades. He restored America's standing as a leader around the globe. In less than three years, Biden has driven our nation into a ditch by employing a far-left, extremist agenda.

Last but not least, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania held its annual Fall Meeting in Harrisburg. Friday night, in between votes in Washington DC, I attended and spoke at the Pennsylvania GOP dinner in Camp Hill. It was a well-attended evening with many great elected officials.

At the Saturday meeting, they voted to endorse candidates for next year's elections, including David McCormick for U.S. Senate, Treasurer Stacy Garrity and Auditor General Tim DeFoor. Each candidate is a dedicated, problem-solving conservative who has devoted their life to serving others. They also have my full endorsement, and I look forward to supporting them throughout the 2024 elections. With that said, the entire Party is laser-focused on the critical task at hand, and that is electing a qualified slate of statewide judicial candidates, including Supreme Court candidate Judge Carolyn Carluccio, Superior Court candidates Judge Harry Smail and Maria Battista, and Commonwealth Court candidate Megan Martin. Local elections are also coming up, and they have a serious impact on your day-to-day life, this includes your county commissioners, county council, and city council, to just name a few.

Winning back the White House in 2024 begins this November in 2023. We need to ensure we have an impartial judiciary that will interpret the laws, not legislate from the bench. Time and time again, Democrats in our courts have put their ideology above the law. In November, we have an excellent opportunity to get closer to taking back a majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. 

We look forward to catching up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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