Meuser for Congress Launches Radio Commercial “Don’t Let Them UNDO Your Vote”

POTTSVILLE – The Meuser for Congress campaign launched our first radio commercial of the General Election campaign in support of Dan Meuser, Republican nominee for the 9th Congressional District.

The advertisement is entitled “Don’t Let Them UNDO Your Vote” and can be listened to by clicking here. This ad will be featured on radio stations across the 9thCongressional District.

“I am running for Congress to be a problem-solving conservative who will fight for lower taxes, more jobs, a stronger military, border security and I will work to Drain the Swamp,” Meuser said. “We are running a grassroots campaign and we are pleased by the outpouring of support we are receiving. Our supporters, volunteers and voters have been energized and are rallying around our campaign.”

“Don’t Let Them UNDO Your Vote” Script:

Dan Meuser: I’m Dan Meuser and I approve this message.

VO: This is an important announcement to all those who want to Keep America Great. Here’s Dan Meuser, our Republican candidate for Congress.

Meuser: If you voted for a growing economy, lower taxes and regulations, more jobs, securing our borders, strengthening our military, honoring our veterans, draining the swamp and Making America Great Again: Then please vote for me, Dan Meuser on November 6.

The Nancy Pelosi Democrats in Washington want to UNDO your vote this November by obstructing and trying to impeach President Trump. A vote for my opponent is a vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

VO: This is why it is so important you vote for Dan Meuser on November 6th. Vote for Republican Dan Meuser, supporting the President in Washington, Problem-solving at home.

VO: Paid for by Meuser for Congress.

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