President Reagan's 11th Commandment
From: Chairman Val DiGiorgio
To: All 2018 Candidates & Campaigns
Cc: Vice Chair Bernie Comfort, All RSC Members, and Rob Brooks
Re: HIGH PRIORITY: President Reagan's 11th Commandment 


Dear 2018 Candidates:

With the 2018 election season upon us, and having taken note of some personal attacks against candidates seeking the GOP nominations for various offices, I feel the need to reinforce a message that we all take very seriously -- a message that I hope you will make a central tenet of your campaigns.

It is no secret that the Republican Party is most formidable when observing President Reagan’s 11th CommandmentThou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. As the races for 2018 have heated up, several party leaders and county GOP chairs  have asked me to communicate a directive that all candidates keep their focus on the issues and to avoid attacking personal attacks.

In 2018, we have an opportunity to retake the Governor’s mansion, retire Senator Casey, and expand our congressional delegation. As we begin this journey, together, we are in position of strength because of our state committee’s unity, enthusiasm within our grassroots volunteer ranks, and high-caliber candidates running both statewide and for Congress.

I am not naive in thinking that spirited campaigns for U.S. Senate, Governor & Lt. Governor, and Congress will not unfold; however, it absolutely critical to remember that our ultimate goal is to emerge victorious as a Party on November 6th, 2018. As I mentioned at the Fall State Committee Meeting,unnecessary negative campaign rhetoric and personal attacks will only divide our party and weaken our efforts to win in the fall.

Pennsylvania is going to be one of the most targeted states in 2018 by national organizations, liberal SuperPACs, and the media. If we dedicate ourselves to observing Reagan's 11th Commandment during the primaries, we will be better-positioned for historic victories next November.

Thank you for your support and efforts to keep our Party strong.


Val DiGiorgio
Republican Party of Pennsylvania