Carbon County Commissioner Tom Gerhard Endorses Dan Meuser For Congress

SHAVERTOWN - Dan Meuser for Congress is proud to announce our campaign has been endorsed by Carbon County Commissioner Tom Gerhard.

“We need Dan Meuser as our next congressman because he has a proven track record in business and economic development, something our region desperately needs,” said Gerhard. “Dan is and has always been a true problem-solver; he understands the necessity of curbing regulations, reducing taxes and responsible spending in order to see the private sector flourish. Dan has both the business experience and the life experience to be a great United States Congressman.”

“I am humbled to receive the support of Commissioner Tom Gerhard. Carbon County is on the rise. As former Revenue Secretary and a candidate, I have attended Chamber of Commerce events, I talked with business people, and I have seen the optimism and know there is tremendous untapped opportunity,” said Meuser. “While government does not create jobs, it can help create an environment for the private sector to create jobs. Lower corporate taxes, deregulation, ensuring we support, rather than obstruct, the President’s America First Agenda--that will all make a difference. A person present and accountable to the people of Carbon County and the entire 11th Congressional District, that’s the congressman I will be.”

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