Weekly Update - 8.1.21

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

Another week in Washington, D.C., another week of dangerous and ineffective Democratic leadership. Much of this week was again spent debating and discussing transportation and infrastructure funding. Again, I have been clear; I support responsible transportation and infrastructure plans focused on real needs… fixing our roads, rebuilding our bridges, broadband infrastructure. I supported a responsible transportation plan when President Donald Trump was in office, as I do today.

What I cannot support is the $3.5 trillion plan being proposed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and extreme liberal Democrats. First, the plan includes massive tax increases and spending on things unrelated to transportation and infrastructure, like the Green New Deal anti-jobs bill.

Second, the federal government has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, resulting in rampant fraud. As elected officials, it is our duty to be good stewards of our tax dollars and account for every dollar spent. I am going to work as hard as I can to make sure this plan is defeated. We have gained Democrat support against the plan, and I am confident we can continue to build opposition. 

I spoke with Charles Payne on Fox Business’ Making Money about the deal. Click here or below to watch.

In addition to the bill being filled with a litany of extreme liberal policy ideas and major tax increases, the federal government is incapable of executing a plan to dispense this amount of funds without experiencing epic levels of fraud.


IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: In total, between the three Covid-19 related stimulus plans, the federal government delivered over $800 billion in benefits. With that amount of money being spent, we have seen billions in fraudulent payments distributed through various programs.

For example, strong evidence exists that over $87 billion in unemployment insurance fraud exists. From a report earlier this year, much of the unemployment insurance fraud existed from the following areas:

  • Multi-State Claimants – billions in UI benefits paid to individuals filing in multiple states

  • Social Security Numbers of Deceased Individuals

  • Federal Prisoners

  • Suspicious Email Accounts

Additionally, the Small Business Administration saw $79 billion of $224 billion allotted for the EIDL loans were flagged for potential fraud.

The idea that Democrats want to spend $3.5 trillion after experiencing this unbelievable level of waste, fraud and abuse is irresponsible. My motive is to stop this additional spending from happening. It is too much. If we are ever going to get our country on a successful path, we can afford to waste another $3.5 trillion.

Democrats want to double down and flood the market with more money, which will only exacerbate the already dangerous inflation issue. It is absurd and would be a disaster. It is time to stop.

This week, as the CDC again changed their position on masks, Speaker Nancy Pelosi put out an edict that the House should fine members, and the Capitol police should arrest any staffer or visitor who does not wear a mask on the House side of the Capitol. None of the data supports the need for a renewed mask mandate. This is another outrageous power grab by Speaker Pelosi to show who is in control in a completely irrational way. This is ruling by fear and ruling by fear doesn't work in America.

I joined Newsmax TV to discuss the Speaker’s mask mandate as well as Biden’s recent trip to Pennsylvania. Click here or below to watch.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is allowing scores of illegal immigrants to enter the country who have tested positive for the Covid-19 pandemic. COVID cases among migrants in Rio Grande Valley sector surge 900% as border numbers continue to rise. Something is wrong with this picture.

On Friday, Shelley and I stopped by the Lebanon County Fair. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with State Rep. Frank Ryan, Pennsylvania AG GOP Chair Mike Firestine and so many great folks. Shelley and I even purchased a steer from the Voight family. The steer was raised by James Voight. It’s great to enjoy the fair season.

Have a great week, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Dan Meuser

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