Weekly Update - 6.5.22

Good evening and welcome to our Weekend Update.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Perfect weather like this gives you a renewed appreciation for how truly blessed we are to live in this great country, particularly in the 9th District. As our nation faces challenges and difficulties, it is important to reflect on and appreciate God’s glory.

This week, I was in Berwick for a groundbreaking of the YMCA’s gymnasium and community center project. It truly is the hub of the community. We were able to secure $1 million in appropriations for the project. The facility will be used for recreation, food distribution, childcare, and other community programs.

The Berwick YMCA was established on June 11, 1883, and is in its 140th year of service. The YMCA has health and wellness programs for people of all ages and is the largest childcare provider in Columbia County. (Pictured below are Nick Pajovich, YMCA executive director; State Senator John Gordner, Holly Morrison, president, Community Giving Foundation; Columbia County Commissioner Dave Kovach, YMCA board member Allison Briggs, YMCA campaign chair Lance Diehl, YMCA board member John Coates, and Berwick City Councilman Bob Lewis.)

It was a pleasure to speak with Nicholas Pajovich, who will graduate from Berwick High School on Friday. (Pictured below)

As Americans face record-high prices everywhere, from the gas pump to the grocery store, Joe Biden continues to offer nothing but excuses and blame without any real solutions.

I joined The Evening Edit on Fox Business to discuss what the Biden Administration should be doing to lower prices for all Americans. Click hereor below to view.

I would also encourage you to read my latest op-ed in the Wilkes Barre Times-Leader discussing the issue of inflation. Click here to read.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The Biden administration's policies are responsible for the dramatic rise in gas prices nationwide. The worst part about this dramatic rise is that there is no end.

Biden promised an energy “transition” …this is what he delivered:

  • Every state is paying above $4.12 for a gallon of gas, with seven states paying over $5.00 a gallon.

  • The average nationwide price hit another record high this week and has risen or stayed level every day for a month.

  • Why are prices rising? Even CNN admits, “the U.S. is not producing as much [oil] as it used to...so prices have nowhere to go but up.”

As recently as May 21, Biden called this an “incredible transition.” It’s a “transition” paid for by American families who can’t afford it. There is only one solution to this issue, and it begins and ends with making our nation energy independent once again....you know, just like we were under President Trump and Republican control.

The stakes in the upcoming election are huge. Republicans must win in November, especially as we are now forced to confront the issues of inflation, high gas prices, and a worker shortage.

I will be working very hard with my Republican colleagues to ensure we win back control of the U.S. House. We must retire Speaker Nancy Pelosi once and for all.

Thank you, have a great rest of the weekend, and keep up the faith and the fight,


Dan Meuser

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