Weekly Update - 5.26.24

Good afternoon, and welcome to our Weekend Update.

On Memorial Day, we honor the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our great country and preserving the freedoms we hold dear. As Benjamin Franklin said, it’s “A republic, if you can keep it.” For nearly two hundred and fifty years, our republic has endured, largely thanks to the patriots who have sacrificed so much. In honor of Memorial Day, I spoke on the floor of the U.S. House. Click here or below to watch.


I attended President Donald Trump's court hearing in New York City on Wednesday. What I witnessed was an outrage. The actions of the judge and the prosecution are utterly inappropriate, riddled with conflicts, and driven by political agendas. These bogus charges should never have been brought forth—it's a sham! This travesty of justice, orchestrated by the tainted District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the Soros family, is terrible for America. We must fight against this injustice and restore integrity to our legal system.

I joined “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business to discuss the hearing. The prosecution has entirely failed to define the crime, and the case should be dismissed. This trial is nothing more than a kangaroo court. Click here or below to watch.

Additionally, I joined “Clark Higbie Frontline” on Newsmax to discuss the sham trial. Click here or below to watch.

Click here or below to watch my “National Report” interview on Newsmax.

On Newsmax’s “Newsline,” I also discussed the trial. When you bring the former President of the United States to court, you better bring a serious case and some real evidence – DA Alvin Bragg brought neither. This trial is a weaponization of our court system and an attempt to undermine democracy by targeting the presumptive Republican nominee. Click here or below to watch.

In the interview, I also discussed the FBI authorizing the use of “deadly force when necessary” during the raid of Mar-a-Lago. This news is sickening and outrageous. The Bureau created a dangerous situation by not taking into consideration that armed Secret Service agents protect former President Trump. This is the United States, not a banana republic where the Justice System is weaponized against political opponents. Click here or below to watch my interview.

This morning, I appeared on CBS 21 Harrisburg's "Face the State" to discuss the frivolous case against President Trump, the border crisis, and my legislation to honor fallen Lebanon City Police Officer William Lebo. Click here or below to view.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Garland refuses to release the audio recordings from Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur to preserve what little is left of Biden’s political standing. The DOJ using the President’s bogus claim of Executive Privilege to deny Congress access to the tapes shows the outrageous bias and political nature of the Department. Their priority and responsibility should be to uphold the integrity of our Justice System, and they’re failing to do so. The American people deserve transparency and accountability. I call on AG Garland to immediately release the tapes before he is held in contempt by House Republicans for failing to do so.

This week, I joined the RJ Harris Breakfast Show on WHP 580. We covered my recent trip to NYC, where I stood with President Trump as he faces a gag order and attempts from the left to undermine democracy through a frivolous trial. We also discussed the Small Business Administration's aggressive voter registration efforts in Democrat strongholds in Michigan, seemingly linked to President Biden's reelection campaign. Click here or below to listen.

Check out my interview on Philadelphia's AM 990’s “The Answer with Chris Stigall.” We discussed how skyrocketing inflation, exacerbated by the Biden Administration, negatively impacts Pennsylvania residents and small businesses. We also covered my legislation that would force weak-on-crime prosecutors to do their jobs and other policies Republicans are fighting for to benefit the Commonwealth. Click here or below to listen.

I voted for and strongly support H.R. 5403, the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act. Protecting Americans' privacy and upholding the Constitution are paramount. I oppose any creation of a CBDC that could be used to spy on citizens. This vital legislation from Congressman Tom Emmer ensures that money issuance remains with Congress and safeguards our financial privacy.

The Biden Administration completely disregards the interests of small business owners in its rule-making process. Since taking office, President Biden and his administration have enacted 891 final rules, costing $1.6 trillion and requiring 232.4 million hours of paperwork.

One of the greatest challenges small businesses face today is the burden of federal regulations. Anyone who engages with local Chambers of Commerce or visits small businesses on Main Street, as I do, will quickly understand this. If federal regulators approached their roles with an open mind and listened to American small business owners, they would realize that excessive rules and taxes hinder small businesses' ability to succeed and grow. Click here or below to hear my remarks at a recent House Small Business Committee hearing.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: As Biden hides, President Trump isn’t afraid to show up.

That commitment was on full display when President Trump held a rally in the Bronx — a community long taken for granted by Democrats who promise everything and deliver nothing.

It echoes President Trump’s record of delivering results for all Americans — including minority communities.

During President Trump’s first term, unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans reached record lows — as did the poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Nearly seven million Americans were lifted off food stamps, while income inequality fell for two straight years.

The American Dream was more attainable than ever — until Crooked Joe Biden took office and screwed it all up.

Under Biden, wage gains have slowed dramatically for Black Americans compared to other demographics, prolonged inflation has disproportionately impacted minority households, and crime has disproportionately ravaged minorities in Democrat-run cities.

Of course, Biden is also a shameless panderer and chronic liar.

Voters in the Bronx know which candidate respects them — and it’s why voters are abandoning Crooked Joe Biden in droves.

I was happy to host a Veteran Services Roundtable at Patriots Cove in Wyoming County. My office was pleased to meet with representatives from various veteran services and military-related organizations to discuss the many issues facing the men and women who risked their lives protecting our country. We also offered advice and assistance on how they can best navigate the state and federal grant process. Thank you to everyone who attended and for all you do to serve our country’s veterans.

It was great to meet with community leaders from Lycoming County, who will be on tomorrow’s inaugural Southern Airways Express flight from Dulles to Williamsport Regional Airport. This route and flight mark the restoration of air service at Williamsport Regional Airport, which I have fought tirelessly for over the past two years. I will continue to advocate for expanded air service in Congress, which will significantly benefit our region.

I was pleased to meet with Michael Humphreys, the Insurance Commissioner of Pennsylvania. We discussed the importance of insurance regulation at the state level and how to best keep Pennsylvania competitive to attract reliable, low-cost insurance for years to come.

Thank you to Rep. Blake Moore, Vice Chair of the Republican Conference, for hosting the Congressional Winter Games. My office placed third in the recent Conference-wide Messaging Competition, and I was happy to be awarded the bronze medal this afternoon. Republicans are fighting for small businesses, secure borders, energy dominance, and strong national security. I will continue to be a vocal advocate for initiatives that will benefit the American people.

We are excited to catch up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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