Weekly Update - 4.28.24

Good evening, and welcome to our Weekend Update - Primary Election Edition!

Tuesday was Primary Election Day, and the GOP in the 9th District came out to vote. I want to thank all of you who went to the polls. Working together, our campaign received 77,486 votes, more than 16 of the 17 Pennsylvania House members. In some cases, that was 20,000 more votes than other congressional districts. We are so grateful for the turnout in the 9th District.

BUT... We are just warming up! The General Election, November 5, must be a RED Tidal Wave to save our country from Biden and his extremely left policies.

(Pictured below speaking with voters in Tunkahannock)


I want to highlight the great GOP ticket running this November.

  • Donald J. Trump for President
  • Dave McCormick for U.S. Senate
    • Dave Sunday for Attorney General (Current York County District Attorney)
  • Tim DeFoor for Auditor General
  • Stacy Garrity for State Treasurer

Additionally, I want to thank all the candidates who put their names on the ballot and congratulate winning candidates on their victories. I also want to give a shoutout to those who will be representing the 9th Congressional District in Milwaukee as delegates: Steven Michael Wolfe, Dave Huffman, and Laura Miller. Click here to learn more about the convention. 

I joined Newsmax’s “American Agenda” to discuss the big races in Pennsylvania. There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in Pennsylvania for Donald Trump and Dave McCormick. Pennsylvania voters are fed up with Biden and Schumer’s open border policies, repeated assaults on American energy, and trillions of dollars of wasteful spending. There’s so much Biden Buyer’s Remorse in the Commonwealth, and Republicans are working hard up and down the ballot. We have great candidates, several pick-up opportunities, and the momentum heading into November. Click here to watch my interview.

On the eve of Election Day, I joined my colleague Congressman Jim Jordan in northeastern Pennsylvania. Jim joined us on the campaign trail with GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick. (Pictured below with Vice Chair of Bikers for Trump Dwayne Mcdavitt)

On Thursday afternoon, I spoke at a post-election rally where we drummed up support for our candidates in the coming General Election. Pictured is
Rob Bresnahan- candidate 8th congressional district, Auditor General Tim Defoor, Attorney General candidate Dave Sunday, State Treasurer Stacy Garrity, Dave McCormick, and Lackawanna County Commissioner Chris Chermak.

Every day, we are reminded of yet another reason why it is so critical we Dump Biden and re-elect Trump. Remember, Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was a win for American families, small businesses, and our economy. Families saw their income increase by $5,000 yearly, real wages grew 4.9%, 6 million people were lifted out of poverty, and Main Street Businesses saw $66 billion in tax savings. Biden’s promise to let the TCJA expire is a sad attempt to score political points with his woke base, and it comes at the expense of middle-class Americans. Every move this Administration makes ultimately weakens the U.S. economy and national security. 

This Administration is Tax and Spend on steroids. No one in the Biden Administration has any appreciation for pro-growth initiatives. Bidenomics wants to grow the government at the expense of the private sector. Biden’s definition of Democracy is big government and big government control. I joined "The Evening Edit" on Fox Business to discuss Biden's plan to hike taxes. Click here or below to watch.

Check out my interview with Bob Cordaro on WILK Newsradio. We discussed the House’s recent consideration of border security and foreign aid supplemental bills, correcting our country's course, and much more. Click hereor below to listen.

Despite the warnings of grid transmission operators, utilities, grid reliability experts, and regulators that the U.S. is facing a grid reliability crisis compounded by surging power demand, the EPA has ignored those warnings and pushed ahead with its destructive agenda to essentially end coal-powered electricity in the United States. This is just the latest assault on American energy from the Biden Administration. Read my statement by clicking here on the EPA’s new power plant rules targeting U.S. coal.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Crooked Joe Biden has a lot of problems — and they’re only getting worse.

Top Trump campaign advisors Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles break it all down in a new memo.

  • Biden has a base problem: A quarter of Democrats don’t even plan to vote for Biden in November, as his support among key Democratic constituencies remains in the tank. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign is spending tens of millions of dollars on paid advertising just to shore up traditional Democratic voters—and it has absolutely nothing to show for it.
  • Biden has a weakness problem: His waffling position on the Israeli conflict has enraged his own staff, while hiinability to act on border security also stems from his far-left flank. Biden’s weakness has created conflict after conflict on the world stage, stoked antisemitic protests on college campuses, and fueled inflation.
  • Biden has a cognitive decline problem. It’s no secret Biden is experiencing cognitive decline — especially as he refuses to debate President Trump. As Biden finds himself in increasingly dire straits, his decline quickly worsens

President Trump is better positioned than ever before. Despite facing a Biden-orchestrated political persecution, voters know President Trump is the best man for the job. President Trump continues making inroads with nontraditional voters who are fed up with Biden’s failure — and that enthusiasm is on display everywhere President Trump goes.

Biden is WEAK, DISHONEST, and a FAILURE — and no amount of gaslighting will change it.

Around the District:

I stopped in Schuylkill County to meet with New York Life in Pine Grove to discuss issues facing the financial industry. They have a great business, and I appreciate them taking the time to meet with me. I want to thank agency owner Stephen Frantz for the invitation, as well as Michael Sandler and Elizabeth Wentling.

Last night, I attended an event for the Luzerne County Children's Advocacy Center. Congratulations to Kingston Detective Stephen Gibson for being named the Champion of Children and Donnie Collins for winning the Community Champion Award. (Pictured L-R with Chelsea Strub, GOP Congressional candidate Rob Bresnahan, Gibson, Collins, Senator Lisa Baker, and State House GOP nominee Brenda Pugh)

We are excited to catch up with you next week. God Bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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