Weekly Update - 2.12.23

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we are all ready to cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles as they get ready to play the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s great to have a Pennsylvania team in the big game!

We were in Washington this week as Biden delivered his second State of the Union. I was joined at the speech by local businessman and our good friend John Moran (John and I pictured below with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo).

Additionally pictured alongside House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and my colleague and friend Congressman Burgess Owens.


Before his speech, I appeared on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” to discuss the story we hear from the Biden administration and the reality Americans face. Record inflation, the border crisis, foreign diplomatic failures, and Chinese spy balloons flying overhead are the current realities Americans face. Click here or below to watch my interview.

I also spoke with Newmax’s “American Agenda” to preview the State of the Union. Click here or below to watch.

After the speech, I spoke to Bob Cordaro on WILK-FM radio about the State of the Union. As I said on the show, the address would have been more aptly labeled a state of delusion. There was a lot of commentary from Biden that was not based upon the realities that American families are living every day. The state of the union is not nearly as strong as Biden outlined. We have severe inflation, high gas prices, the unmitigated crisis at the border, and a dangerous world climate related to Russia and China. The Biden administration is asleep at the wheel. Click here to listen to my interview.

Additionally, I spoke with WOLF-Fox 56 to respond to Biden’s speech. Click here or below to watch the news clip and hear my comments.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The Biden administration attempted to take out the trash in a Friday news dump as they confirmed this Is the Worst Border Crisis on Record.


That's the worst January since 2001 and marks 23 months of border encounters above 150,000. For context, former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said 1,000 illegal encounters per day at the border “overwhelms the system.” We are currently averaging 5 times that number at the border. Under President Trump, encounters NEVER reached 150,000 in a single month.

Meanwhile, Biden absurdly bragged about his “success” at the border. Remember this when he does: this January is WORSE than last January. When Biden brags, he is bragging about the worst border crisis in our nation’s history.

Until next week, God bless, and see you soon,

Dan Meuser

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