Weekly Update - 11.6.20

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

First, as you saw by the results on election night, the polls were way off, by 10-15% points in many areas … Again.The fact that they haven’t corrected the egregious polling errors from 2016, makes you wonder why?  This seems to be a joint effort by the national mainstream media to use these biased polls to disillusion voters. These fake polls have an impact on elections by suppressing support, financial donations and votes.

There was NO BLUE WAVE. We kept control of the U.S. Senate. Some U.S. senators, like Susan Collins, were projected to lose by 12 points but won by 9 points. The amount of money spent against incumbent Republican U.S. senators was astronomical. They spent over $120 million against Senator Lindsey Graham and lost decisively. Michael Bloomberg spent $100 million in Florida to defeat President Trump… a state President Trump won decisively. In the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans defended all of their incumbent members and picked-up 7-9 additional seats.

In Pennsylvania, we won at least one statewide row office… the first since 2008. Congrats to our Auditor General-elect Tim DeFoor. Stacy Garrity’s race for State Treasurer and Heather Heidelbaugh’s race for Attorney General are still in play and too close to call. In the State Senate and House, the Republican Party gained seats. Republicans were outspent by liberal special interest groups by 4:1.

What is clear, President Donald J. Trump led our party to victory up and down the ballot in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

Let’s talk about Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar changed the rules of our election multiple times and regularly moved the goalposts. The statutory law says that all ballots must be received by 8 pm on Election Day to be part of the official count. The Governor and the Secretary unilaterally added three additional days to allow the receipt of the ballots, which is against current law. Republicans appealed their actions to the liberal State Supreme Court which dutifully stood by Governor Wolf and the Democrat Party in Harrisburg. We are attempting to get that decision reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court where we expect them to decide that State Supreme Court cannot unilaterally change the law. I want to stress that… the Pennsylvania Supreme Court approved the Governor's unilateral action. This is not their constitutional role. Only ballots received by 8 pm on Tuesday should be counted… however long that process takes. But that is the law and they are not following it! Additionally, disregarding the signature match on a ballot and the postmark makes ballot submissions a free-for-all.

Like many of you, my concern rests on ensuring Pennsylvania puts forth a fair process for reviewing and counting ballots. However, it appears the Democrats, particularly in Philadelphia, is intent on fighting openness and transparency in the ballot canvassing process. Attorneys on behalf of the President had to get a court order to observe the canvassing process in Philadelphia. They have a right to review the ballot canvassing process. And how did the Democrats respond? By appealing the court’s decision to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in an effort to keep poll watchers away from those processing ballots. It begs the question as to why the Democrats are fighting to conduct this process in the shadows.

Similar types of efforts and irregularities are under investigation in Wisconsin, Detroit and Atlanta. It is astounding to me that Fox News continues to say the Trump Administration has unfounded evidence of foul play in Pennsylvania. I think we just provided a pretty good list of improper and unlawful behavior. This doesn’t even touch upon all of the reports of ballot harvesting, machine issues, misprinted ballots and other issues.

Governor Wolf stated this is the most efficient, flawless and well-run election day he has ever seen. Attorney General Josh Shapiro knowingly stated the night before the election that when the votes were counted Joe Biden would win. Really? Why is it this Administration always seems to be at odds with the people? They have built incredible distrust with the people and that is frankly unforgivable. There is no reason that we could not have agreed upon lawful policies for the election and had those policies followed… especially in a year that we have dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic and a contentious national election.

Secretary Kathy Boockvar's disregard for following the law led Pennsylvania State Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Majority Leader Jake Corman to call for her resignation. Her main focus was to count the votes as fast as possible, particularly when Republicans had no observers in the room.

My fellow Pennsylvanians, please know that we will fight for a lawful outcome, whatever it may be. But we will fight for a lawful outcome that is accountable to the citizen voters of Pennsylvania.

In an effort to support the President’s efforts to ensure we count all legal ballots and to support the associated legal costs, we made a sizable contribution to the Donald J. Trump for President Recount Fund and the Republican Party. I am fully committed to supporting President Donald Trump during the canvassing and likely recount efforts to assure an accurate and transparent vote count. I have been in regular contact with the legal leaders of the Trump Campaign.

In order to get the word out about Pennsylvania and our efforts to ensure a fair ballot canvas occurs, I have appeared on various national and local radio stations, including an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News Radio today.

Lastly, I want to say thank you. I am humbled and grateful for the strong voter turnout and support for my re-election. This tremendous support motivates me and our team to work hard and do an effective job for the people of PA-09. In my next term, I will continue to advocate effectively for Pennsylvania in Washington, problem solve at home, and partner with our elected officials and community leaders to support private-sector job creation, funding for infrastructure and revitalization of our beautiful area.

In addition to thanking our many supporters, I want to thank my wife Shelley and our children for the love and support they have shown me during my service and throughout this campaign. No one can do this job alone and I appreciate the work of our dedicated staff and team in Washington and in the district. The people of the 9th Congressional District have a tremendous team in place to serve them with their constituent services and needs.

Thank you and we will keep providing updates as we get more information.


Dan Meuser

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