Weekly Update - 11.14.21

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

On Veterans Day, we paused to remember all those who have served our nation in the military. We live in a free and prosperous society in the United States because of our veterans. During my time in Congress, I have and will continue to ensure our veterans receive the respect, care, and dignity they have earned. 

Shelley and I were proud to attend the Carbon County Veterans Day Parade in Jim Thorpe last weekend. (Shelley and I pictured below.)

On Veterans Day, I had the honor of speaking with the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 131 in Berks County. We have over 48,000 veterans in the 9thDistrict, and we are forever indebted to them for their sacrifice and service.


On Friday, we attended the Berks County Veterans Lunch with featured guest Lt. Colonel Ollie North. The event was excellent, and the proceeds helped to sponsor scholarships to the Reading Area Community College for veterans, as well as active reservists and members of the National Guard.  (Pictured below with Lt. Colonel Ollie North, our good friend Otto Voit, and our other brave veterans.)

(Pictured with Senator Dave Argall, Christine Verdier, State Representatives Mark Gillen and Barry Jozwiak, Don Swasing, and Barry Schlouch.)

I delivered the Republican's weekly address to the nation from the 9th District in Berks County. When you speak to businesses across Pennsylvania, they feel that the federal government is working against them. One perfect example is the fact that their businesses are being hit with vaccine mandates. At the same time, the Biden administration is releasing untested, unvaccinated illegals over our southern border, into our communities. It's that type of logic that is failing our nation. Click here or below to watch my full address.

I met with the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce’s government affairs committee, where we discussed the current issues being discussed in Washington, as well as highlighted some of the work that our office has prioritized.  I want to thank our great friend, Schuylkill County Chamber President & CEO Bob Carl, for the invitation.

(Pictured below with Bob Carl and Chamber Staff. Also pictured with Government Affairs Chairman Ed Winkelbauer and Vice-Chair Jamie Barton.)

From feeling the impacts of a labor shortage, massive inflation, and supply-chain disruptions, businesses are facing many challenges stemming from poor policy decisions from the Biden administration and liberal Democrats in Washington. From unconstitutional vaccine mandates, shutting down domestic energy production and canceling the Keystone Pipeline, flooding the market with massive handouts to disincentivize participation in the workplace, to the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border, this administration has sadly made all the wrong moves.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Joe Biden is waging war on your wallet more fiercely than ever. As I have stated before, Americans will face massive inflation and continued supply issues this holiday season. This difficult economic situation has been a direct result of the policies implemented by the Biden administration and House Democrats.

According to new data from the Labor Department, consumer prices rose 6.2% in October compared to last year. That’s the largest spike in over 30 YEARS. Core consumer prices, stripping out food and energy, rose 4.6%, the largest 12-month increase since August 1991.

Even liberal economists that the Biden White House loves to tout – like Obama’s former chief economist Jason Furman – are sounding the alarm on “extremely high” inflation, especially as the large spikes completely “erode” any nominal wage gains.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell conceded last week that “the level of inflation we have right now is not at all consistent with price stability.”

With all the issues confronting American families and our small businesses, it's lunacy that the Biden administration and House Democrats are considering spending trillions more on a big government spending spree that will only exacerbate the issues we are facing. Biden has not learned the first less of economics… there is no such thing as a free lunch. And with the current rate of inflation and supply demand issues, we are all paying a lot more for a meal.

One way to help is to support local small businesses in your communities. On Friday, I visited with Hamburg Mayor George Holmes and toured some great local businesses in town. Please remember to shop local this holiday season. (Pictured below with Hamburg Mayor George Holmes.)

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank Bob and Mary Wert for hosting an event for our campaign at their lovely home. It was a tremendous event, and we will need continued support as we head into the next election cycle. Our campaign will need continued support to ensure we can keep our area under strong conservative Republican control. These funds will also assist in our efforts to elect Republican congressional candidates so we can retire Speaker Nancy Pelosi once and for all. (Pictures below.)

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Dan Meuser

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