Weekly Update - 10.23.22

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

With less than three weeks till Election Day, the momentum is clearly on the Republican side of the ticket. It's hard to imagine how it wouldn't be when considering the disastrous policies of the Biden administration and Biden Democrats; our nation is facing a historic recession, including rising gas and energy prices, worker shortages, and an unprecedented border crisis.

I joined Bob Sellers on Newsmax to discuss the election landscape in Pennsylvania, inflation, and the GOP's plan to strengthen America. I also spoke about the importance of electing Dr. Oz to the U.S. Senate. Click here or below to watch my interview.

Later, I joined "Wake Up America" on Newsmax to again discuss the importance of electing Dr. Oz to the U.S. Senate and the dangers of John Fetterman. We also discussed how critical it is for our nation to return to energy independence. Click here or below to watch.

Last week, I joined Dennis Owens on ABC-27 News in Harrisburg for the "This Week in Pennsylvania" show. I spoke about the current political landscape, inflation, and how the Biden administration has made our country energy dependent on some of our nation's biggest enemies. Click here to watch my interview.

IN NEWS YOU WON'T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The Biden administration has created an energy crisis and continues to worsen it. In a desperate attempt to alleviate pressure for high gas prices before the election, Biden has tapped the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. There is widespread agreement that this action is unlikely to lead to gas "prices dropping any meaningful way." Industry experts say it could make the energy problem worse:

  • The Independent Petroleum Association of America: The release "not only reduces our capacity to protect ourselves in case of a true emergency in the future but also increases America's reliance on the politically volatile countries that currently provide most of our oil."

Biden has waged war on American energy. Indeed, new oil leases have "slowed dramatically" under Biden, according to The Wall Street Journal. High gas prices are not occurring by accident; it was always the intention of Biden's policies.

Meanwhile, Biden and the Biden Democrats refuse to acknowledge how his policy agenda has driven our nation to a recession and an energy and border crisis. What's worse, they won't admit it. Recently, Biden said the U.S. economy is "strong as hell." Out-of-touch does not begin to describe Biden, his administration and congressional Democrats.

PA Congressional Candidate Spotlight:

As we approach Election Day, I am highlighting some of the great Republican candidates we have running across Pennsylvania. Last week, we featured our good friend Lisa Scheller (PA-7). This week, I would like to highlight our Republican candidate to the north, Jim Bognet (PA-8). Jim is a friend and a strong conservative. We can trust Jim Bognet to put America First and Pennsylvania First in Congress. Jim is a small business owner and conservative policy adviser. Jim served in a senior position in the Trump White House, and his responsibilities included helping to expand American manufacturing, creating jobs, and supporting small businesses.

I encourage everyone to learn more about Jim's campaign by visiting his website. I look forward to serving alongside Jim in Congress. (Pictured below with Republican Whip Steve Scalise and Jim Bognet)

Around the District:

On Sunday, I was invited by the Jewish Community Center to take part in their special panel featuring former Ambassador to Ukraine and Russia, John Tefft. Again, a great crowd joined us to discuss policy regarding the importance of supporting Ukraine. Thanks to Gary Bernstein and Greg Fellerman, from the Jewish Community Alliance, for helping coordinate the event.

On Monday night, I attended the Lebanon county Republican Committee Fall Dinner. It was an incredible turnout full of excited Republicans ready to win big on November 8th. Another great event put together by the Lebanon GOP, now led by Chairman Bill Bova.

On Tuesday, I joined my good friend and GOP State House candidate Jamie Barton (HD-124) to visit Marlin Deitrich at Dietrich's Meats and Country store in Lenhartsville, where we toured an impressive family-owned and operated store. Marlin took us through his store and showed us the process from beginning to end. Marlin is a great reminder of the hardworking agriculture workers around Pennsylvania's 9th District. And if you want the very best and freshest steaks, liverwurst, and sliced turkey in Pennsylvania, stop at Dietrich's Meats off Route 78 in Berks County. I am working hard for our farmers in Washington because they are working so hard for us to feed America.

Later that evening, I headed to the Berks County Republican Committee Fall Dinner for a great dinner attended by many great patriots. Speaking of patriots, I am pictured with Linda Brancadora at the dinner.

On Wednesday night, I hosted a meet and greet in Wyoming County, where we were joined by many great friends and had a great evening together. The event was held at Stone Hedge Golf Course, a beautiful place with exceptional food and service. Click here to learn more about Stone Hedge.

I joined the Berks County Patriots on Thursday night with my good friends Sam and Linda Brancadora. I was honored to be introduced by Rod Miller, a great American Patriot. As always, it was truly a great crowd of patriots. Our grassroots are fired up!

On Friday, I stopped into a very full house for a fundraiser supporting our northeast candidates running for state office. There will be so many great republicans on the ballot for State Senator and Representative this election.

Later, I participated in a debate on WVIA. Click here to watch our debate. I was thankful to have my family join me for the live debate.

Speaking of my family, it was great for Shelley and me to join my brother Scott, CEO of Pride Mobility Products, and my father Stan, a founder of Pride Mobility, my sister Nancy, my mother, my sister-in-law Susan, for an open house at Pride Mobility. Under my brother, Scott's leadership and constant drive for innovating the most advanced mobility products and complex rehab products in the world, Pride Mobility and Quantum Rehab based in Duryea have expanded its campus-like headquarters, and its more than thousand employees will continue to design and manufacture these world-class products in Pennsylvania for many years to come. Hundreds of thousands of people with serious disabilities or minor trouble walking have gained their mobility and had their lives enhanced by the great products and incredible team at Pride Mobility products and Quantum Rehab. 

Election Day is only 15 days away. There is much at stake. The economy, the border, national security, energy policy, crime... everything Biden and his Democrat backers have touched, they have made worse for America.

There is only one solution. First, we must win back U.S. Congress and retire Speaker Nancy Pelosi once and for all. Next, we must elect Dr. Oz to the U.S. Senate and Doug Mastriano to the Governor's office. Finally, re-electing strong Republican majorities in Harrisburg is critical. Electing Republicans is our path to restoring an agenda that puts both America and Pennsylvania First. Republicans have a plan, The Commitment to America... A plan to get our country back on the right track and will make our country Stronger, Safer, Freer, and will hold our government more accountable to you. So please tell your family, friends, and neighbors to get out and vote. We need a RED WAVEon Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Thank you, and keep up the faith and the fight,


Dan Meuser

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