Weekly Update - 10.16.22

Good afternoon and welcome to our Weekend Update.

As we approach the election, it’s crystal clear that the security of our nation is on the ballot… both from an economic and public safety perspective. While most of our country is plagued by record crime and our border crisis continues to worsen, our economy sinks further and further into a recession. The Biden administration and Biden Democrats would like Americans to believe it’s just bad luck or a coincidence that our nation is headed into economic peril. Still, the reality is that their policies drove us to this point. The combination of massive government spending, higher taxes, and an anti-American domestic energy policy have served as the catalyst for our nation’s economic issues.

Biden & the Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act has really become The Nation's Destruction Act. Their policies are ravaging the economy and wrecking family budgets. Democrats must focus on results and check their woke ideology at the door. I joined Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” to discuss the current state of the economy under Washington’s Democrat leadership. Click here or below to watch.


Later in the week, I joined “The Evening Edit” on Fox Business to discuss the dangerous fires occurring with electric vehicles in many areas around the nation. While electric cars may be fine for some in different areas of the country, they are not for everyone. Unfortunately, the Biden administration and the extreme left continue their attempts to force Americans to abandon our current vehicles, which operate on fossil fuels, for this costly option. I am not opposed to electric cars; however, I believe in the free market. We should offer both products and allow Americans to make their choice. Additionally, fires from electric vehicle batteries are dangerous and have proven challenging to extinguish. Click here or below to watch my interview.

IN NEWS YOU WON’T HEAR IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The financial hit impacting Americans is growing due to the far-left policies of the Biden administration and the Biden Democrats… Mortgage Rates Rise, Debt Surges, And Household Wealth Plummets


  • As Bidenflation keeps up its relentless attack on middle-class families, more Americans are falling deeper into debt, facing rising housing costs, and watching their 401(k)s plummet.

  • September’s Consumer Price Index soared by 8.2 percent compared to last year, exceeding economists’ expectations and remaining at a near 40-year high.

  • September’s Producer Price Index rose 8.5 percent since last year, coming in above economists’ expectations.

    • This marks the 18th straight month that wholesale inflation has been above 5 percent year-over-year. 

    • Core producer prices – which takes out food, energy, and trade – increased by 5.6 percent from last year.

  • August’s personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index – the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation – showed “inflation accelerated even more than expected.”

  • With the economy in a recession, 78 percent of Americans say economic conditions are “somewhat” or “very poor.”

    • 71 percent of workers report feeling as though their pay is not keeping up with inflation, and 60 percent say they are struggling to live “paycheck to paycheck.”

Americans can’t afford the Biden administration’s economy. Even if inflation were to stop rising today, the Biden price hike would cost the average U.S. family over $8,739 in additional costs over the next year, according to the Congress Joint Economic Committee. The results have been devastating:

  • Many American families have been forced to load up on credit card debt or dip into savings, as 48% of hourly workers have nothing saved for emergencies.

  • Out-of-control inflation has resulted in a drastic rise in food insecurity nationwide.

  • American families are watching their dream of homeownership slip away as mortgage rates surge and home values plummet.

  • Inflation has resulted in plummeting stock market values which have caused retirement and savings accounts to decline sharply.

Again, this entire economic crisis, fueled by record inflation, is a creation of Biden and Biden Democrats. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco found that Biden and Democrats’ $1.9 trillion ‘stimulus’ fueled inflation. Additionally, studies from the Tax FoundationPenn WhartonMoody’s, and the Congressional Budget Office all found that the Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will either make inflation worse or do nothing to reduce it. The Tax Foundation concluded that the Bidenflation Scam Act will “worsen inflation, especially in the first four” years.

Are you frustrated like me? Then it's time to make our voice heard at the ballot box on November 8th.

PA Congressional Candidate Spotlight:

As we approach Election Day, I want to highlight some of the great Republican candidates we have running across Pennsylvania. My friend, Lisa Scheller, is the first candidate I would like to highlight. Lisa is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th District, consisting of Carbon, Lehigh, Northampton counties, and parts of Monroe County. Lisa is a trailblazing engineer and philanthropist whose business acumen and personal experience make her uniquely qualified for Congress. She has been challenged and always persevered. The granddaughter of immigrants, Scheller, is the CEO of Silberline Manufacturing Co. which they founded. The company – which makes a key ingredient in paints and coatings that’s sent to 87 different countries – is the only woman-owned business of its type in the world. It is an incredible plant that I have personally toured.

On Monday, I joined Lisa as we worked to rally support for her candidacy. We were also glad to welcome Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis and PA State Treasurer Stacy Garrity. (Pictured below)

I encourage you to learn more about Lisa’s campaign by clicking here.

Around the District:

I had a great opportunity to tour Bell & Evans’ new $360 million poultry plant in Fredericksburg, Lebanon County. We were hosted by President and owner Scott Sechler Sr. This facility opened in 2021 and is the world's most innovative poultry plant. It was named 2022 Food Plant of the Year by Food Engineering for its innovations, automation, and high scores in all categories, including team member welfare, animal welfare, product safety, quality, and sustainability. Mr. Sechler has spent the last 35 years transforming how poultry is produced in America. Bell & Evans has created the highest standards in the industry, and they produce the most superior quality poultry available. (Pictured below with Scott Sechler Sr. and our good friend State Sen. Chris Gebhard)

Later, I joined the Luzerne County Republican Women’s Council for their meeting. This is a great group that happens to include my lovely wife, Shelley, who serves as the Vice Chair.

Our campaign held a very successful fundraiser at the Jack W. Rich car museum hosted by many great friends, including Brian and Val Rich, Michael and Joannie Rich, and John Rich, to name a few. It was a great evening with so many incredible people, and I am thankful to the Rich family and for everyone’s support.

On Friday, I joined Dennis Owens at ABC 27 to discuss various topics in their studio in Harrisburg.

Election Day is only 22 days away. There is much at stake. The economy, the border, national security... everything Biden and his Democrat backers have touched, they have made worse for America.

There is only one solution. First, we must win back U.S. Congress and retire Speaker Nancy Pelosi once and for all. Next, we must elect Dr. Oz to the U.S. Senate and Doug Mastriano to the Governor's office. Finally, re-electing strong Republican majorities in Harrisburg is critical. Electing Republicans is our path to restoring an agenda that puts both America and Pennsylvania First. So please tell your family, friends, and neighbors to get out and vote. We need a RED WAVE on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Thank you, and keep up the faith and the fight,


Dan Meuser

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  • Deb Cochran
    That is an impressive list of everything most people already know is wrong. But I don’t see a single option for a solution. I would like to know what your plan to change all of those things might be.
  • Michael Barley