Stark Contrasts Between Meuser And Opponent Highlighted At Lebanon County Farm Bureau Candidate Forum

LEBANON - Yesterday, Dan Meuser for Congress, Republican nominee for the 9th District, participated in a candidate forum hosted by the Lebanon County Farm Bureau held on the Werner Family Farm in Jonestown. 

Meuser added, “I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to the Lebanon County Farm Bureau and the Werner Family for hosting today’s discussion. They have an incredible farm and I enjoyed today’s discussion on the future of the agricultural industry in the country and especially as it relates to the 9th Congressional District.”

As each candidate answered questioned posed by the Lebanon County Farm Bureau Panel and audience members, the many contrasts between Dan Meuser and his opponent Denny Wolff could not have been more stark.

When asked their respective positions on the issue of life, Dan Meuser confirmed his pro-life position and cited his endorsements from the PA Pro Life Federation and the National Right To Life Committee. Conversely, Denny Wolff stated, “I am supportive of the pro-choice movement.”

Meuser pointed out his support of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, noting that no Congressional Democrat supported the tax cuts; his firm belief in the need to reduce the excessive regulations imposed upon farmers by the Left; and Meuser noted that Obamacare destroyed the Farm Bureau Insurance Program, which so many farmers previously relied upon.

Meuser also discussed the severe impact the Obama Administration had upon the dairy industry when it removed whole milk from schools and he also emphasized the cumbersome regulations that have been imposed upon farmers by the EPA and other government agencies and he noted WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.) as an example of such overreach. 

When discussing trade, Meuser emphasized his belief in free but fair trade and that other countries have taken advantage of the United States and our farmers far too long. Denny Wolff said, “We should have passed TPP.”

Meuser emphasized that this election will determine who is Speaker of the House of Representatives and noted that the Democrats are working to get Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker.

One of the more notable areas of contrasts between the two candidates was that Dan Meuser emphasized a firm belief in “Draining the Swamp,” which he said included a balanced budget amendment, regulatory reforms, term limits and his concerns about elected officials becoming lobbyists. Meuser aligns with President Trump on the belief that we should implement a five-year ban on elected and high-level appointed officials becoming lobbyists.

Conversely, Denny Wolff acknowledged that he worked as a lobbyist after serving in Governor Rendell’s cabinet, stating, “I know a lot about lobbying…I know what lobbyists do...”

Dan Meuser is the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress. Dan has served both as a private sector businessman responsible for helping create thousands of jobs and as Secretary of the Department of Revenue for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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