Reading Eagle: Wolff, Meuser focus on issues in 9th District

The candidates answer questions about immigration, health care and tariffs.


The candidates were asked identical questions about three key issues. Each candidate was given 150 words to answer each one and two days to respond to emailed questions. Other races will be featured into the fall.

What changes would you make in U.S. immigration policy?

Wolff: (1) Develop an H-2A program (visas allowing foreign nationals to fill temporary agricultural jobs) that is reliable, less bureaucratic, and for a longer term for agriculture. (2) Extend the Dreamer program (an allowance for legal status for undocumented individuals brought to the United States as children) and develop a pathway to citizenship. (3) Make sure immigrant children are not separated from their families at the border.


Meuser: I am against illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants. First, we must secure the border, and that begins with building a wall where feasible and using the latest technologies to ensure that individuals, drugs and weapons are not illegally entering our country. Second, we must enforce the immigration laws already on the books. Third, we must work to fix our broken immigration system, including H2A (a visa allowing foreign nationals to fill temporary agricultural jobs), so that it works for those who want to come and work in our country legally. I strongly support defunding illegal sanctuary cities. I also strongly support President Donald Trump's efforts to impose travel restrictions and enhanced vetting on foreign nationals attempting to enter our country from areas labeled terrorist havens by both Republican and Democratic administrations. I applaud the U.S. Supreme Court for agreeing with that position because it makes our country safer.

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