POTTSVILLE — Dan Meuser, secretary of revenue under former Gov. Tom Corbett, is seeking Lou Barletta’s vacant seat in the new 9th Congressional District.

On Tuesday, he visited The Republican-Herald to discuss his background and hopes for serving in Congress.

“The work we did at revenue proved to me that government can work for people. Government can be there to help. I think our government has gotten too big. The last thing government actually does is help. It hinders, it inhibits, it makes it more difficult. It does not enable,” Meuser said. “Donald Trump says we want to make America great again. It’s the people that are going to make America great again, and government’s role and my role as a member of Congress should be only to be supportive and enable.”

Meuser is seeking the GOP nomination in the May 15 primary to run against the Democratic nominee, vying to succeed former Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta in representing the district.