Nancy Pelosi Gives Green Light for Democrat Candidates to “Do Whatever You Have To Do, Just Win”… Then After the Election, Vote Me In As Speaker

POTTSVILLE – The Meuser for Congress Campaign released the following statement regarding Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s message to her party’s congressional colleagues and candidates telling them to do or say anything to win their respective elections and then she will get their support after the election. Pelosi’s goal is to have the Democrats win control of the United States House and to run for Speaker.Click here to read and hear her comments on MSNBC.

“This is a very blatant, in your face, insult to voters,” said campaign manager Mike Barley. “Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is giving directives to candidates to do or say anything to win their elections. But once the election ends, she knows she can count on their support for Speaker. I believe it is telling that the first message or agenda item that has come from the Democratic Party this cycle outside of excoriating President Trump is, “Say whatever you have to say, just win!” This is akin to Pelosi’s remark before passing Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

“Our opponent Denny Wolff is a Nancy Pelosi Democrat, so what will he do now? Will he listen to Pelosi and say he won’t support her in a desperate attempt to win votes in November, only to turn around and vote her in as Speaker if they win back control of the House? I believe he will and my advice to voters is to be on the lookout for a Denny Wolff in Sheep’s clothing.”

NBC Newshas a list of 51 Democratic candidates and incumbents who won’t support minority leader Nancy Pelosi for Speaker if the party takes the House in the November elections. Denny Wolff is not on that list… yet.


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