Meuser for Congress Releases Following Statement On Great GDP Numbers

POTTSVILLE – Dan Meuser, Republican nominee for the 9th Congressional District, released the following statement regarding today’s news that the GDP grew by 4.1% this past quarter.

“The numbers released today are proof that President Trump’s America First Agenda and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are having a positive impact on hardworking families and businesses across Pennsylvania,” Meuser said. “Eliminating unnecessary regulations and cutting taxes on hardworking families and businesses has jumpstarted our economy. I travel the District often and you can see the economy is moving in the right direction and unemployment is low. President Trump’s agenda and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is working.”

Meuser Campaign Manager Mike Barley added, “Denny Wolff is blindly following the lead of Nancy Pelosi and other liberals in Washington by supporting the repeal of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Denny Wolff’s support for higher taxes will undo the growth our economy is experiencing and negatively impact hardworking Pennsylvania families and businesses. Denny Wolff clearly longs for the old days where regulations were plentiful, taxes were higher, and people couldn’t find work. If he is elected and votes for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, he may get his wish. If that happens, we all lose.”

Dan Meuser is a candidate for Congress representing the 9th District. Dan has served both as a private sector businessman responsible for helping create thousands of jobs and as Secretary of the Department of Revenue for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

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