Meuser for Congress Releases First TV Ad of Fall Campaign, “Our Values”

Meuser for Congress Releases First TV Ad of Fall Campaign, “Our Values”

Pottsville: Today, the Meuser for Congress Campaign released an ad, entitled “Our Values,” highlighting Dan Meuser’s passion for service, his dedication to our values and the stark differences between him and his opponent. Click here to watch our ad.

“My wife and I have raised our family in this community, I live in the 9th Congressional District, I have helped to build a business that has created hundreds of jobs in our area and I served as the Secretary of Revenue for Pennsylvania where I had success applying business principles to make the Department more effective and efficient with our tax dollars,” Meuser said. “I want to continue to serve by representing our District in Congress by helping to ‘Drain the Swamp.’ I strongly support term limits, a balanced budget amendment and a five-year ban on elected officials and cabinet appointees from lobbying. We must restore trust in our government and these actions will speak much louder than the political speak people have long grown tired of. Our campaign is working hard talking directly to voters every day and we hope to earn your support on Election Day.”

Meuser for Congress spokeswoman Tiffany Cloud added, “Denny Wolff was a political appointee who quickly tried to use his experience to make money lobbying the same government he was sworn to serve. How can we trust a lobbyist and extreme liberal to Drain the Swamp in Washington, when he is part of it?”

“Our Values” SCRIPT

Dan Meuser: I’m Dan Meuser and I approve this message.

VO: Dan Meuser and his wife raise their family in our local community.

They share our local our values.

And Dan’s a longtime local job creator.

Now Dan’s running for Congress to make sure our voices are loudly heard in Washington to Drain the Swamp.

(CHYRON: Dan Meuser, Conservative. Reformer.)

VO: Denny Wolff, he’s everything we dislike about Washington.

(CHYRON: Denny Wolff)

VO: Lobbyist for six years.1

(CHYRON: Denny Wolff Lobbyist For 6 Years)

VO: Liberal his whole life.

(CHYRON: Lifetime Liberal)

VO: Voting for Denny Wolff would be like voting for Nancy Pelosi.

(CHYRON: A Vote for Denny Wolff; Voting For Denny Wolff Is A Vote For Nancy Pelosi.)

1 PA Department of State, Lobbyist Disclosure Registration, Dennis Wolff, Registration: 9/14/09-1/21/15 - Accessed on September 30, 2018


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