Meuser Campaign Calls Out Scott Uehlinger and Sebastian Gorka For Fake News Endorsement

LUZERNE COUNTY -  Meuser for Congress responds to Scott Uehlinger and Sebastian Gorka’s “Fake News” campaign:

“First of all, Scott Uehlinger’s press release is full of lies as Dan has never donated to Wasserman Shultz or Matt Cartwright,” Campaign Spokesman Mike Barley said. “Over 98.5% plus of Meuser’s donations have been to Republican candidates. Like President Donald Trump, Dan is a businessman, and like President Trump if a donation was made to a candidate of another party it was to support his business, industry and employees. If you apply Uehlinger and Gorka’s logic, I suppose they don’t support President Trump because he has donated to Democrats.

“The last thing we need in Congress is someone who is willing to provide 1% of the truth in order to win an election. There is fact and there is fiction, Uehlinger and Gorka should at the very least do their homework.

“Speaking of facts, the only candidate Scott Uehlinger has ever donated to is himself. He has one donation according to the FEC to the Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania for $1,000 and that was to cover his own fees for the Republican National Committee’s Convention.”

“If the Uehlinger campaign is willing to tell the truth for once, we would ask how much Gorka’s endorsement cost them and if they will be reporting it on their campaign finance reports.”

“As far as Dan’s residency, our campaign has been open and honest about the fact that liberal judges gerrymandered Dan’s house two miles outside of the District and the area he has called home for the past 30 years.”

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