Inauguration Update

Tomorrow, we witness the peaceful transition of power of presidential administrations. I remain hopeful that the messages of "Build Back Better" and "Uniting" were not just campaign slogans and actually the incoming Biden Administration plan.

Over the past four years, the Trump Administration was very successful in:

  • Building an economy which the data proves was beneficial to all demographics
  • Negotiating new pro-America trade deals
  • Requiring allies to contribute a more equitable share to fund NATO
  • Strengthening our military
  • Striking historic peace deals in the Middle East
  • Moving our nation's embassy to Jerusalem
  • Destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups on the verge of being eliminated
  • Taking on Big Pharma to lower prescription drug prices for American families
  • Dealing with China from strength
  • Pushing to make our country energy independent
  • Lowering our carbon emissions (only country to lower our carbon emissions two years in a row)

The Trump administration strengthened our border and worked with Mexico and Central American nations to do this humanely. These illegal border crossings destroyed families. People perished during their long trek and the ones who do make it to the border risked drowning in the Rio Grande. It is a fact, ask any CBP agent, that drug cartels used these poor people as carriers and distractions as part of their efforts to push drugs into our country.

While the list above is not complete and there remains much to be done, particularly in light of the pandemic, it is clear the previous administration completed much in a short period of time. The wise thing to do would be to build off these successes and do what is in all Americans' best interests.

Looking forward, we must focus on a plan that safely reopens our nation, expands transportation and infrastructure spending, make quality healthcare more affordable, brings back manufacturing jobs from around the world by offering a competitive business environment so better jobs are created. We pray that President Joe Biden shows the strength and wisdom to do what he knows is right for all Americans. As it relates to the goal of uniting our country, I would ask President Biden to consider allowing Republicans to have some input into this path forward as we do represent millions of Americans.

Indeed, President Joe Biden will chart his own course and I will work with him on such policy whenever it is done so to best help the long-term interests of ALL Americans… but "Building Back Better" does not mean starting from scratch. Additionally, I will support necessary and targeted Covid-19 economic recovery, safety, testing and vaccines. However, I will not support a package that includes funding for the long legislative and funding wish list of the left.

As Oscar Wilde famously declared, "With age comes wisdom." I believe this to be true. For the future of our country, I hope it is.


Dan Meuser

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