ICYMI: Andrew Shecktor, 9thCongressional District House Candidate, withdraws from 2018 election, endorses Meuser

COLUMBIA COUNTY — Andrew Shecktor, candidate for the 9th Congressional District House (formerly the 11th), elected not to file for the 2018 elections. Shecktor says this is due both to the illegal last minute redistricting by the state, and the massive money being thrown by high power liberals and globalists toward the disruption of the 2018 midterm elections. Shecktor said the cost in time and money to overcome this obstacle will be substantial.

Shecktor has put off his bid for the House at this time and is endorsing and fully supporting Dan Meuser for this office. Shecktor said that Dan has similar interests and concerns and supports protection of 2ndamendment rights, free speech and is pro-life. He is also seeking national property tax relief and supports fair taxation, per the U.S. Constitution. Dan is sincere in his commitment and is willing to listen to the opinion of others.

Shecktor was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention. He noted that his term on the Berwick Council is up in 2019, and he will need to run again next year if he decides to continue in that position.



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