Dan Meuser Releases Statement on President Trump's State of the Union Address

SHAVERTOWN – Dan Meuser, Republican candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 11th District, released the following statement tonight:

The President made it clear to the American people tonight why they elected him: to get our economy moving and to Make America Great Again.  

Thanks to President Trump’s historic tax cuts and policies, the economy is strong and growing. Consumer confidence is up, and tens of thousands of new jobs are being added.  Unemployment is at record lows, and millions of Americans are seeing more take-home pay. 


Thanks to President Trump’s leadership and the greatest military in the world, America is once again being respected around the globe. The Islamic State is on the run, and the North Koreans are at the negotiating table.  

But there is much more to be done. President Trump needs our help to get his infrastructure legislation passed to build our roads and bridges. He needs our help to once and for all replace Obamacare with affordable and accessible health care. He needs help to build a wall and secure our borders to ensure our national security by passing real immigration reform. We also must help President Trump win the war against heroin/opioid abuse which is destroying families and hurting communities.

As President Trump said, the State of Union is strong, because our people are strong. But much more needs to be done, and that’s why I’m running for Congress. 

Dan Meuser is a candidate for Congress representing the 11th District.  Dan has served both as a private sector businessman responsible for helping create thousands of jobs and as Secretary of the Department of Revenue for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  

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  • Christopher Fromme
    If the district stay as proposed you are now in the position to run against Cartwright. Turn about is fair play campaign to make the snowflakes squeal. I was involved in the re-districting process in W PA in 2011