Dan Meuser for Congress Sets the Record Straight

Pottsville: The Meuser for Congress campaign released the following statement from Dan Meuser responding to Denny Wolff’s latest commercial:

“Denny Wolff and his Campaign Manager have been engaged in a slanderous campaign against me since June that has been filled with nothing but undocumented, baseless attacks and lies.

“Denny Wolff falsely accuses me in one of his TV ads of supporting an “age tax” which I never heard of nor has anyone else.  Apparently, the Pelosi Democrats love taxes so much they’re making new ones up.

“Denny Wolff’s entire campaign has been about smearing a great local manufacturer, which started 31 years ago as a small family business and now employs over 700 in our area, in a defamatory manner and making fun of my family name.  In his latest ad he’s now making more claims that are either wrong or they are outright lies.

“First of all, I have lived in the same area with my family for over 30 years. My home was redistricted one mile outside of the district and yes, I made a commitment to always live in the district which I am doing.  And contrary to Denny’s false assertion in his ad, I do not own a home in the “Hamptons” nor do I own a home or apartment in Manhattan. 

“Denny may be referring to a home I own 70 miles from the Hamptons that my wife and I bought 16 years ago so we can be close to her mom when we visit. Regarding Manhattan, Denny might be referring to an apartment bought by my wife’s brother in 1997.  He sadly passed away in 2000 and the apartment became the property of their mother.  As usual, all of Denny’s accusations provide no documentation of fact.  Mine always do. Please visit our website, www.meuserforcongress.com where you can see that all of our claims regarding my opponent are backed up and cited.

“I thought to provide you the truth, as I always will.  We will continue to campaign on the important issues facing you, your family, and our country.  Do know there is no doubt that a vote for Denny Wolff is a vote for Nancy Pelosi.  If he wins, she’s in. 

“Denny is a liberal. He believes in what Nancy Pelosi believes in. In a recent debate, Denny could not name one issue where he disagreed with Nancy Pelosi. In another debate, I witnessed Denny in his element.  About 15 or so extreme leftists were in the audience cheering him on and Denny playing up to them. I know they were leftists because when I mentioned Hillary Clinton’s call for “no civility” they clapped then booed me and Denny sat there with a smile on his face.  He is part of the political left.

“We have an important election coming up.  Do we want to vote for Nancy Pelosi and her failed agenda or to move the country forward?  I will focus on moving our county forward and continue to work to make our country great.

“I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th and God bless America.”

To learn more about Dan Meuser, news about our campaign and where Dan stands on the issues, please go to www.meuserforcongress.com.

Dan Meuser is the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress. Dan has served both as a private sector businessman responsible for helping create thousands of jobs and as Secretary of the Department of Revenue for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  

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