Dan Meuser for Congress Launches First Radio Commercial

LUZERNE COUNTY – Today, the Dan Meuser for Congress Campaign launched our first radio ad which will be airing on radio stations around the District. You can listen to the ad by clicking here.

“The launch of our first radio ad represents an important next step in our campaign to spread our message about why we need to send a problem-solving conservative to Congress who has a record of success in business and the public sector and is committed to helping President Trump implement the “America First” Agenda,” Meuser said. “We are running an aggressive campaign and we look forward to meeting and speaking with as many voters as possible in the 9th Congressional District. Stay tuned as we will be releasing more exciting news about our campaign as the week continues.”

The following is text of the “Reinforcements” Radio Ad:


Here is Dan Meuser, a problem-solving conservative who helped to build a small business into a large company here in our community employing hundreds. Dan also served as the Secretary of Revenue for the Commonwealth.

Dan Meuser:

People ask me… why with all the fighting in Washington, and obstructing by Democrats, I’m running for Congress?

My answer…that’s exactly why I amrunning.   

I believe strongly in President Trump’s agenda of…

…a stronger military,

…a fiscally sound America with lower taxes,

…and an end to dangerous sanctuary cities and disastrous Obamacare.


Dan Meuser is a pro-life, pro-second amendment conservative, and a successful job creator, with deep roots in our community. And he’s running for Congress to help Donald Trump make America stronger, keep Iran and North Korea from becoming nuclear threats, protect our borders, and drain the swamp from career politicians.

Dan Meuser:

President Trump needs reinforcements.  And he can count on me to be there.

I’m Dan Meuser and I approve this message.


Paid for by Meuser for Congress. 


Dan Meuser is a candidate for Congress. He served 25 years in the private sector and another four years as Secretary of Revenue for PA. To learn more go towww.meuserforcongress.com


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