Dan Meuser for Congress Launches Another TV Commercial - "American Hero"

LUZERNE COUNTY – Today, Dan Meuser for Congress launched another TV commercial, entitled “American Hero.”  Click here to watch ad.

“In Congress, I will make taking care of our veterans a priority and that starts with expanding the Veterans Choice Act,” Meuser said. “Our veterans put their lives on the line to protect our country and we must make their healthcare needs a priority while increasing opportunities for employment. Our campaign is proud to be supported by Veterans for Trump and we look forward to working with President Trump to put the brave men and women who defended our country at the front of the line everytime.”

The following is text of the “American Hero” Television Ad:

Dan Meuser:

Every American veteran is an American hero.

Unfortunately, too often, they are mistreated and ignored and that’s tragic.

I’m Dan Meuser. As your congressman, I’ll fight for our vets.

That starts with expanding the Veterans  Choice Act, which will move veterans to the front of the line for all healthcare needs.

Helping every veteran get the healthcare they’ve earned and the job they need isn’t just a goal, it’s a responsibility.

I’m Dan Meuser and I approve this message.

Dan Meuser is a candidate for Congress. He served 25 years in the private sector and another four years as Secretary of Revenue for PA. To learn more go to www.meuserforcongress.com.


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