Dan Meuser Delivers Clear Contrasts With Opponent, Supports America First Agenda

LEESPORT– Today, Dan Meuser participated in a debate with his opponent, Denny Wolff, at tonight’s Berks County Patriots meeting.

“Tonight, I reaffirmed my strong support for the America First Agenda,” said Meuser. “I support the construction of a border wall, defunding sanctuary cities, a robust economy, lower taxes and fewer regulations, job creation, increasing our national security and repealing and replacing Obamacare while ensuring those with pre-existing conditions are protected.

“I want to thank the Berks County Patriots for having this important forum as it is critical for the public to know the candidates and their positions.”

Campaign spokesman Mike Barley added, “Denny Wolff is out of touch with the people in the 9thCongressional District. On every issue; securing our border, tax cuts, less regulations, bolstering our national security, repealing and replacing Obamacare, Denny Wolff is on the opposite side of the issue. It is clear that a vote for Denny Wolff is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and the failed Obama agenda. Fortunately, the people of the 9th understand this and will make their voices heard on November 6th.”

Dan Meuser is the Republican nominee for Congress. He served 25 years in the private sector and another four years as Secretary of Revenue for PA. To learn more go to www.meuserforcongress.com.

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