Biden's Chaos Abroad

American allies respected President Trump and those who seek to do evil feared him. President Trump was able to create a stable world and secure a historic peace agreement in the Middle East.


  • Joe Biden’s failed leadership and weak standing has led to chaos around the world.


  • Biden’s ill-fated withdrawal from Afghanistan left 13 American soldiers dead, our partners on the ground in danger, and women and children left to suffer under the horrors of the Taliban. It also sent a warning sign to evil actors that Joe Biden was too weak to take them on.


  • Russia quickly moved to retake Ukraine, leading to an entrenched was in Europe. The Biden Administration is one step behind providing the Ukrainians the weapons and support they need to win resulting in an ongoing war with mounting casualties and costs.


  • On October 7, 2023, peace in the Middle East ended on Joe Biden’s watch when Hamas terrorists, funded by Iran, carried out a brutal genocide attack on the Jewish people. The United States must stand with the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. But Joe Biden and his radical supporters side with the terrorist resulting in greater instability and bloodshed.


We need to return to the Trump policies of peace through strength and holding world leaders accountability to put an end to Biden’s chaos.

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