David McElwee Former Trump Delegate From Columbia County Backs Dan Meuser for Congress

BERWICK - David McElwee of Columbia County, who attained the second highest number of votes as a Delegate for Trump in the former 11th District (new 9th District), announces his endorsement of Dan Meuser for Congress.

"We need business people and problem solvers in Washington, DC," said McElwee. "We need to elect people who will back the President's America First Agenda. I am extremely concerned about Dan's opponent in the race, who is on record as against the building the wall, wanting to 'study the effectiveness' of sanctuary cities, who said that he would like to review the articles of impeachment against our fairly elected President, refuses to accept donations from the NRA and believes 'certain people' should be prohibited from purchasing firearms.

Dan Meuser's opponent in this race, Denny Wolff, is not the mild-mannered centrist he wants to fool all into believing; he's the same as the rest of the Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi liberal left. Wolff would strive to undo the progress and take us backwards to the days of his role model, the man he wanted to work for, Barack Obama. Additionally, Denny Wolff served as a lobbyist for six years working for the companies that he worked with as Pennsylvania's Secretary of Agriculture. He was part of the swamp's revolving door, how could we ever trust him to clean up corruption in Washington, D.C.? Our nation, under the leadership of President Trump is on the right path, and with Dan Meuser in U.S. Congress, I am confident it will remain on the right path."

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